Adapting Care Along the Timeline of Dementia Workshop

September 10, 2020 @ 1:00 pm – 3:15 pm

Back by popular demand our partner and collaborator, Heather McKay, PhD, OT/L and Alzheimer’s Foundation of America 2016 Dementia Person of the Year, will be offering a new dementia workshop: Adapting Care Along the Timeline of Dementia. Social Workers and Nurses/LPN will earn two continuing education credits.

By the end of this educational program, participants will be able to explain dementia terminology, describe symptom progression in five stages, identify common challenges arising in each stage, and select appropriate communication and hands-on strategies to optimize client’s remaining abilities throughout the progression of the disease.

RNs/LPNs/SW will receive two continuing education credits for attending and a certificate of completion (with the exception of: SW in NY state – we do not have approval to issue continuing education there)
Certificates of completion will be sent to all participants (licensed and non-licensed professionals) following the event via email from Stephanie Wierzbicka
To prove their attendance, all attendees will receive a quiz and evaluation form. Once completed a certificate will be awarded via email
“Our parent company, Best Life Brands, is hosting the event in conjunction with its brand of companies: ComForCare and At Your Side Home Care and Care Patrol. “To meet the current learning environment, Heather will provide a powerful learning experience using clinical-storytelling that will engage any professional attendee.

The event takes place Thursday, September 10 from 1p – 3:15p EST (this allows for one 10 minute break) via Zoom.

“Registering is easy, please click here:

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