Cellutions Free Educational Stem Cell Therapy Seminar

March 21, 2019 @ 2:30 pm
The Hollywood Senior Center
1820 NE 40th Ave
OR 97212
Cellutions Free Educational Stem Cell Therapy Seminar @ The Hollywood Senior Center

Stem cell therapy is revolutionizing the medical world by offering a way to avoid the long recovery times and risks associated with invasive surgery and pain medications. Cellutions uses stem cells and additional regenerative medicine techniques to naturally heal your body by regenerating new, healthy cells where injury or damage has occurred in the body. Stem cells can heal injury and damage by:
Reducing inflammation
Decreasing pain
Improving range-of-motion in joints
Regenerating new, healthy cells in your body

Stem cells have the special ability to regenerate damaged, degenerative, or dying tissues by producing your own new and healthy cells. Cellutions is on the cutting edge of this innovative medical technology.

Learn About:
How stem cell therapies work to reduce inflammation, decrease pain and regenerate healthy cells to return patients to a healthy state
The stem cell treatment process
How real patients have benefited from stem cell therapies
Conditions that can be treated with stem cell therapy

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