KCLS Online Program: Decluttering Using the KonMari Method

May 30, 2020 @ 11:00 am
KCLS Online
960 Newport Way NW
WA 98027
King County Library System
(425) 369-3200
KCLS Online Program: Decluttering Using the KonMari Method @ KCLS Online

For adults.
Got clutter? Tidying up is not always a top priority but the messiness and clutter can be stressful. The KonMari method is a system of simplifying and organizing your home by getting rid of physical items that do not bring joy into your life. It was created by organizing consultant Marie Kondo and described in detail in her best-selling book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. This workshop includes a KonMari Method overview, visualization exercises and a hands-on demonstration of the KonMari folding technique, categories checklist and more.
Be sure to have a t-shirt or other clothing item available during the workshop if you want to practice folding.
Please register at kcls.org by May 29, 5pm. A Zoom invite will be emailed to you.

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