Let’s Share Housing June Westside Meetup

June 10, 2017 all-day
Multnomah Arts Center, Room 4
7688 SW Capitol Hwy
Portland, OR 97219
Michele Fiasca
Let's Share Housing June Westside Meetup @ Multnomah Arts Center, Room 4 | Portland | Oregon | United States

Living alone isn’t for everyone! Some people like the companionship of a roommate, while others just want to lower the cost of their rent. There are many reasons people choose to explore the option of shared housing; come share yours on Saturday, June 10th from 10:15 AM to 12:00 PM at Multnomah Arts Center in room 4, where we will go around the group with introductions and descriptions of what everyone is looking for. Then we will have a short discussion on a topic related to shared housing in Portland, followed by an exercise to help people see who they may be compatible with.
After that, we will relocate to Prosperity Pie Shoppe for coffee and the opportunity to chat with prospective housemates over coffee. Who knows? You might just find someone who is the perfect match!
Due to the fact that we now have to pay to rent out space for our Meetups, we are charging a small $5 entry fee to cover the cost. However, if you bring a friend you can get in two for the price of one. The more the merrier!
Be sure to check out www.LetsShareHousing.com, a great resource for your housemate search! At LetsShareHousing.com, you can fill out a free profile to reach out to folks looking for a housemate, browse potential housemates in your area, and find out about upcoming events, workshops, and other shared housing resources in the Portland Metro area!

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