Spirit of Giving Event

December 16, 2016 @ 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm
Bellevue Library Downtown
Barb Witkow

Please join us at the Bellevue Library this Friday afternoon to learn more about how the Eastside Neighbors Network is creating a unique organization of Seniors helping Seniors. If you’re wondering how you can make a difference in a meaningful way this season, why not start with your own neighborhood? Come learn how to give the gift of your SELF without spending a dime or getting caught in the holiday crowds.

Whether you’re a giver or a receiver, both play a important parts in creating the social connections that we all seek, especially during the holidays. Let’s us not forget how important it is for our own hearts and souls to be able to give the value of our time and energy and enjoy the smile in another person. Whether we are 50 yrs old or 90 years old, we all have something to give.

This afternoon is designed to help you become more aware of what you have to give and how you can make that gift a reality this season. Take a break from the shopping madness and join us for a playful afternoon.

It is important that you actually REGISTER for the event (at link below), so we know how many are coming. Our last event had 30 people registered and 50 people showed up. We want to be prepared for everyone. Thank you and we’ll see you Friday.


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