The Labyrinth Path: Writing and Walking with Grief & Loss

November 16, 2019 @ 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
West Hills Friends
7425 SW 52nd Ave
OR 97219
Nurture Your Journey, LLC

We all experience grief and loss in life, from the time we leave the nurture of the womb to the leaving of our body at the end of our life, with many other losses, small and large, along the way. Our American society has shied away from healthy grief in favor of quick fixes leaving many with unresolved grief lingering in silence just below the surface, waiting for a chance to be heard. The labyrinth, an ancient archetype representing the metaphor of journey, provides a safe container to reflect on loss.

In this workshop, you’ll be introduced to the archetype of the labyrinth as one tool to journey with your own losses in combination with written expression. Using both the metaphor of the labyrinth journey and physically walking a labyrinth, participants will be given opportunities to give voice to losses in their life through poetry and open writing reflections. This workshop is in partnership with Portland Women Writers ( and is for women and those who identify female. No writing experience is necessary to participate! Workshop is limited to 12 participants.

*The workshop is four hours.

*Workshops are set up to be a gentle, non-judgmental space for sharing, or not sharing, what you are writing, feeling, and experiencing. Guidelines are offered at the start of each workshop to create our sharing container.

*There is a break and a light snack is provided. Self-care is always affirmed and taking time to move, breathe and stretch during workshops is encouraged.

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