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Johnson Funeral HomeJohnson Funeral Home, The Funeral Home in Salem Oregon that creates Celebrations as unique as LIFE!
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Has a death occurred? Call us anytime day or night 24/7 to speak with a caring funeral director.

About Johnson Funeral Home

Johnson Funeral Home is a family owned mortuary serving Oregon’s entire Willamette Valley, including Salem, Keizer, and surrounding areas with affordable burial and cremation options. We offer all the typical services and products you’d expect from the local funeral home: cremations, burials, caskets, and urns, but our specialty is providing unique and personalized celebrations of life. Johnson Funeral Home is committed to honoring and celebrating each life individually and uniquely which is why our motto is, “Celebrations as unique as LIFE!”

Whether you choose a casket burial or a cremation for your loved one, Johnson Funeral Home will handle everything. We take care of all the paperwork needed for social security Cremation Service Salem Oregonprocessing, military veterans’ benefits, assisting with life insurance claims, and providing you with death certificates that will be needed to finalize your loved one’s estate and affairs. We navigate these treacherous waters so you and your family can rest at ease and focus on what is most important at this time, which is remembering and honoring your loved one.

Cremation & Funeral Services

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The decision to go with earth burial or entombment in a mausoleum is steeped in tradition. We offer traditional burial services and have the ability to handle all types of funerals and burials. From the deeply religious and traditional, to those who simply prefer the idea of burial, we can help.

Casket Burial Urn Veteran Life Insurance Salem OregonWe have a large selection of caskets to choose from and work with all churches and organizations in the area to make sure your family’s service goes smoothly. Our funeral coach or hearse can make the procession to the cemetery an event of great dignity.

Whether you choose to accompany your casket burial with a viewing or formal services, we offer all of the necessary mortuary services to prepare your loved one for burial such as embalming, dressing, cosmetizing, and casketing. Choosing burial doesn’t exclude you from taking advantage of the amazing Celebrations of Life and Celebrant Services that we proudly offer at Johnson Funeral Home.

For burial services we can add custom printing of stationary, service folders, and register books. We also have the versatility to make personalized memorial DVD slideshows, play your favorite music, and decorate our facility to personalize your service to your exact specifications.




When you choose cremation we offer custom printing of service materials, cremation materials like urns, and jewelry, and a wide arrary of memorialization materials and services.

By choosing cremation you are not limited to a memorial service. Even with cremation, you can still have a traditional church service with a viewing and casket, and then follow it up with a cremation. Ask us how we can help you keep to traditions while still honoring your desire to be cremated.

For memorial services we can add custom printing of stationary, service folders, and register books. We also have the versatility to make memorial DVD slideshows, play your favorite music, and decorate our facility to personalize your service.



Celebration of Life

Celebration of Life Salem Oregon Funeral Casket Burial Funerals are events! And we are your source for all event-planning needs. Whether you want your loved one’s life celebrated in a church, our chapel, in our reception room while enjoying a catered meal, or at their favorite destination, we can make it happen and are only limited by your imagination (and I suppose the laws of the land and laws of nature like gravity, but you get the idea:). We are Salem, Oregon’s leaders and pioneers in funeral personalization. Every person is different and they deserve to have the celebration that best fits who they were, no matter what that means.

We believe that every life is unique and worth celebrating. We believe in the value of celebrating, remembering, and honoring those who have died. We believe in honoring veterans. We believe that the best way to do that is only known to the survivors, which is why we don’t place families all into the same mold. We are all different and unique; shouldn’t our final event reflect that? We listen and act according to YOUR specific wishes.




Many families rely on their churches or religious organizations when a death occurs. We recognize and realize that many people weren’t religious in their life time, so why would they want to be in death? In fact, Oregon is one of the most non-religious states in the country. Many people in our community refer to themselves as “spiritual” but not religious. Where there is no religious tradition, many people are at a loss of what to do, and in the end, do nothing at all. That is a tragedy. Every life is meaningful and every life deserves to be remembered and celebrated.

The answer is a Celebrant Service. A celebrant is a highly trained life tribute professional who is an expert at creating one of a kind services aiming to perfectly reflect the deceased’s life. A celebrant is a master of ceremonies who will utilize music, video, and customized décor to enhance the individuality of that service. A celebrant meets with the family and learns their life story and shares it with the help of other families who wish to speak at the service.

This is not to say that Celebrants are only appropriate or necessary for the “non-religious” people. Quite the opposite actually; a celebrant service is perfect for any family who wants a highly trained master of ceremonies to officiate at their event. It is for people who want someone who is a life tribute professional and who will intimately learn about someone’s life so they can share their life story and create a service that matches perfectly to who that person was.



Pre-Planned Funeral

I’m sorry to break the news to you, but we will all die someday. Who wants to think about that though? Well, we make it easy! Take the opportunity to give your loved ones the gift of planning ahead. Pre-need funeral planning is a wise and prudent thing to do. The last thing you want to leave behind for your posterity is confusion and a bill. Come in and plan ahead by getting your wishes written down and paying in advance. We make the process easy. Allow your family to grieve your loss without the added burden of cost and unanswered questions.

Maybe you are super smart and you have done this already. Congratulations! But now you’re realizing that the funeral home you chose simply doesn’t compare with Johnson Funeral Home and you want us to help you and your family when that time comes. Lucky you! Johnson Funeral Home will gladly honor any pre-arranged funeral through another funeral home. We’ll take what you’ve already planned and paid for and give it the Johnson touch, at no additional cost.

Did you or a close family member, friend or relative just receive a hospice diagnosis? This can be a sad and terrifying time. A hospice diagnosis generally means that death will occur within 6 months. Nobody wants to think about the end but you might be surprised how talking openly and planning ahead for that day will put your family at ease. If you received a hospice diagnosis, call us right way and see how we can help. Let your last days with your loved be spent with them, and leave the rest to us.



Casa Funeral
Johnson Funeral Home – La Casa Funeraria de Salem Oregon

Es una muerte pendiente, o haya fallecido un ser querido en su familia? Llámenos de inmediato, podemos ayudar! Ofrecemos servicio de cremación, entierro, y funerarios baratos.

Johnson Funeral Home está comprometido a ayudar a la comunidad hispana de Salem, Keizer y el Willamette Valley en su momento de necesidad. Nuestro personal puede ayudarle a planificar servicio funeral, cremación, entierro o celebración de la vida por sus seres queridos. Nuestro personal que habla espanol está listo para ayudarle, independientemente de su capacidad de comunicarse en Inglés. Creemos que todas las vidas son únicos y vale la pena a celebrar. Vamos a ayudarle a planear una celebración única, y personalizada que refleja fielmente la vida de su ser querido.

Tiene un familiar que recibió un diagnóstico de hospicio, o hay una muerte en espera? Por favor llámenos para que podamos ayudarle a prepararse para ese momento difícil. También podemos ayudarle a pre-planear y pre-pago por su propio servicio. Es sabio a planear por el futuro para que sus hijos no están abrumados y agobiados financieramente durante ese tiempo tan difícil.

Un servicio funerario digno no tiene por qué ser caro. Podemos ayudarle a honrar a sus seres queridos de una manera honorable y económico que se ajuste a su presupuesto. Ya sea en una iglesia o en nuestro edificio, podemos ayudarle en todos los detalles. Llámenos hoy, podemos ayudar!


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