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About Lincoln Pharmacy

Established in 1956, Lincoln Pharmacy started with the dream of being a local pharmacy. This family owned and operated business has extended Lincoln Pharmacy Customer Service and Quality Support to Community Style Living. Lincoln Pharmacy has become the perfect mix of “prescriptions delivered the old fashion way” and “using innovation of technology and expertise to provide safe medication systems”. Today Lincoln Pharmacy is a Full-Service Pharmacy servicing as a Retail and Long Term Care Pharmacy.

Lincoln Pharmacy Services

Lincoln Pharmacy offers our customers and communities a variety of medication compliance packaging options, both multi and single dose packaging systems, providing convenience, flexibility, and accuracy in medication dispensing and administration.


  • Strip Packing is a popular multi-dose compliance packaging system that is utilized by the larger communities we service. A maximum of 4 prescriptions and 6 pills can be packaged together in each pouch. Each pack is customized with name, date and time as well as medication dosage, directions, prescribing physician, and identifying details. Strip packing can deliver as many medication passes through the day as needed. The pouches are also perforated to easily remove, open, and administer or take on the go. This system is safe and easy for staff, family, or residents.

  • SynMed is another multi-dose packaging system that is utilized by smaller communities and those individuals living independently. This packaging option is essentially a disposable medi-set. It saves the individual or family member time that is spent filling a medication organizer and eliminates the pill box altogether. SynMed is divided up into 4 different dosage times a day to include morning, noon, evening, and bedtime. Each medication pack is easily identifiable with printed name, date and time. The front of the label includes a color picture of each pill for identification purposes as well as the medication being listed on the back of each pack. Individual packs can also be detached when an individual is on the go.

  • Bubble Packs is the most popular single dose packaging offered by Lincoln Pharmacy. This is a packaging system suited for any customer. Each medication is packaged individually on each card and allows for safety and compliance with individual’s medications.


Lincoln Pharmacy also specializes in:

Specialty Compounding

  •  At Lincoln Pharmacy, we are committed to providing you with medications that meet your unique health needs. Sometimes, patients require medications to be blended in a specific way. This process is referred to as compounding and it is necessary for a variety of reasons, including:
    • To change the form of a medication from a pill to an oral liquid or topical formulation (cream, gel).
    • To prevent an allergic reaction by removing a non-essential ingredient such as dyes, sugar, lactose, or alcohol.
    • To provide a specific dosage of a particular ingredient.
    • To add flavor to a medication that is otherwise difficult for a patient to ingest.

Medical Equipment and Supplies

  • Lincoln Pharmacy offers a wide variety of equipment and supplies to help assist individuals, families, and staff to include:
    • Wheelchairs
    • Walkers and Accessories
    • Canes and Accessories
    • Crutches
    •  Support Braces and Wraps
    •  Bathroom Safety Equipment
    •  Incontinent Supplies
    •  Ostomy Supplies
    •  Wound Care Supplies
    •  Nebulizer Machine and Accessories
    •  Compression Stockings and Sleeves
    •  Diagnostic Equipment

Other services Lincoln Pharmacy provides:

  •  Consulting Nurse Services
  •  eMAR and MAR Options
  •  After Hours/Weekend Support
  •  Continuing Education Courses
  •  Diabetic Support and Education
  •  Flu and Pneumonia Vaccinations
  •  TB Test Completion
  •  Complimentary Delivery

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact Lincoln Pharmacy if you would like to utilize our services. We would be pleased to get you started and answer any questions you may have. For more information, please visit our website at and sign-up for our newsletter. You can also download our app, making refills easier than ever.