5 Key factors in finding the right senior living option

There are lots of senior living options, here are 5 key factors to help narrow them down.

There comes a time for many seniors when they need or want more care  than they can receive at home. It can be overwhelming for many to know  “Where do I start?”  There are lots of senior living options, here are 5 key factors to help narrow them down.

Here Are 5 Factors To Consider:

  1. Needs: Independent Living may be the right option if your loved one needs assistance with meals, housekeeping, transportation and activities. If your loved one needs help with medications, bathing, dressing, transferring or toileting an Assisted Living Community provides 24/7 care. If your loved one’s dementia has progressed to the point of wandering or exit seeking a secured memory care community is safest.
  2. Preferences: This includes the style or aesthetics of a community–how does it look and feel? Would your loved one enjoy a newer or established community? Does your loved one desire a studio, one bedroom or, two-bedroom apartment? Also, would your loved one enjoy a more intimate community of 35-100 residents or would they prefer a larger setting of 100+ residents? Or perhaps a smaller Foster Care Home setting of 5 total residents might be a good fit if your loved one is not all that social and does not have any night- time care needs.
  3. Wants: Does your loved one like to attend or be a part of social events? If so, what hobbies, events, or shopping would they like to be a part of?
    Determining how someone would enjoy day to day engagement goes a long way towards a successful move. There are many communities that offer a variety of entertainment options. If your loved one is more reclusive, there will also be many communities willing to accommodate a quieter lifestyle.
  1. Finances: Based on what’s included in the rent, what is affordable with one’s income and assets? If I outlive my assets will I be able to remain in the community I move into? Do I qualify for VA or Medicaid and what do I need to do to apply?
  2. Location: Based on the 4 factors above, how far from my ideal location would I or my loved ones be willing to consider potential communities? Many times this becomes the most critical element in choosing an option.

Once these factors are determined, it would be helpful to have a Senior Living Advisor inform you of which options fit your criteria. A Senior Living Advisor will also be able to assist you with touring, paperwork and other resources surrounding a transition in addition to narrowing down the best options to consider.

Article Provided by:
Louis Johnson & Kelley Rogers,
Senior Living Advisors

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