This page is for professionals within the retirement industry to share and access information, announcements, networking and professional events more effectively. Utilize the links below to find more information on upcoming Network Meetings and Professional Events.

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Network Meetings

View the Calendar of Networking Meeting and Professional Events

We include a robust list of events and networking opportunities on, including landing pages for recurring network meetings. To receive a complimentary page in the networking section, a meeting must represent the following:

  • Be specific to the senior industry
  • Be open to anyone from the senior industry to attend, and not a close network
  • Have a Regular attendance of 25+
  • Typically held in person rather than on-line

We know there are many other valuable meetings to attend, and we encourage you to do so. We hold to these standards, in an effort to highlight larger networking opportunities, rather than just list every possible meeting in the community. If you are not seeing specific details for a meeting, it may be because the meeting does not currently meet these parameters, but may still be meeting. We will remain in contact with the organizers and hopefully list again in the future.

The following networking groups meet on a regular schedule and are a great way for you to create stronger connections in the profession. The following listings shows you a quick at a glance view of the upcoming month’s meetings. Join Our E-Mailing List to receive the newsletter

For more information on these groups Oregon & Clark County group click Here, for information on Puget Sound groups click Here, and for upcoming topic/location information click on the links below or to the right.

Greater Portland/Vancouver
August 8, 3pm: East County Marketing Exchange (ECME) ONLINE MEETING
August 11, 6:30pm: MSN & SPIN Present: Music & Networking  IN-PERSON MEETING
August 16,
3pm: Westside Referral Network (WRN) IN-PERSON MEETING
August 19,
9am: Senior Service Network-Clark County (SSN-Clark)  IN-PERSON MEETING
August 22,
September 7,
4pm: Metropolitan Senior Network (MSN)   IN-PERSON MEETING
October 4,
11am: Transitions of Care Meeting  ONLINE MEETING

Southern Oregon
August 16, 3:30pm: S.O.C.C.A. IN-PERSON MEETING
August 18
, 9am: Southern Oregon Networking And Resource (S.O.N.A.R.) IN-PERSON MEETING
August 25,
9:30am: Douglas County Senior Resource Coalition IN-PERSON MEETING
October 4,
11am: Transitions of Care Meeting  ONLINE MEETING

Salem/Albany/Corvallis, Oregon
August 18, 9am: Yamhill County Network IN-PERSON MEETING
August 18,
3:30pm: Better Together IN-PERSON MEETING
August 24,
9am:  SSN Mid Willamette Valley IN-PERSON MEETING
October 4,
11am: Transitions of Care Meeting  ONLINE MEETING

Puget Sound, Washington
August 4, 8:00am: Aging and LTC Providers Network  ONLINE MEETING
August 11, 8:00am: Health Care Providers Council of Pierce County (HCPC)  IN-PERSON MEETING
August 11, 11:30am: Eldernet IN-PERSON MEETING
August 16,
8:30am: Senior Care Coalition IN-PERSON MEETING
August 17,
8:30am: South End Coalition (SEC) IN-PERSON MEETING
August 18,
4:00pm: Millennial Provider’s Network IN-PERSON MEETING
August 26
, 9:00am: NW LGBT Senior Care Providers Network Meeting  ONLINE MEETING
September 21,
11:30am: Coordinators of Patient Services (COPS)IN-PERSON MEETING
October 4,
11am: Transitions of Care Meeting  ONLINE MEETING

Professional Events
Looking for Professional Events, Sponsorship Opportunities, and Notices? View the complete Calendar of Events. Have a professional event you’d like to share information on? Simply use the Event Submission Form on our Contact Page to share events you feel are appropriate. Retirement Connection is happy to post this information for you at no cost.