Depression and Suicide Screening Tools

Depression is a common mental health condition that affects people of all ages. However, older adults are at a higher risk of developing depression due to factors such as social isolation, physical illness, and life changes like retirement or loss of loved ones. Therefore, it is crucial to screen older adults for depression and suicidal ideation to provide early intervention and support.

Starting one of the Most Important Conversations of Your Life

All too often families and individuals put off one of the most important conversations of their lives and then find themselves in a world of hurt, or worse, not having the capacity to communicate their desires at the end of life. Reasons for this vary, but the consequences end up being the same, others are left making the decision for you, often with long-term consequences for you and those around you.

How to Avoid Caregiver Burnout

Caregiving can be a deeply rewarding experience, but it can also take a significant toll on the caregiver's physical and emotional well-being. Caregiver burnout is a condition that can occur when caregivers are exposed to chronic stress and strain without proper support or self-care.

Tips for Engaging Patients with Alzheimer’s Disease

Whether you’re caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease or you are a caregiver looking after a patient, it can be challenging to care for someone with memory loss. While Alzheimer’s Disease has varying stages, many patients start to find themselves losing train of thought, have difficulty finding the right words, and even start to speak less often. We’re sharing some tips to help you engage with people with Alzheimer's disease and minimize communication challenges.

When is it Time for Assisted Living?

It isn't always easy to pinpoint when staying at home is no longer the best option. Here are a few factors to consider that it's time for a more supportive environment for yourself or a loved one.

The Easy Way to Find Care Near You

CareAvailability is quickly becoming the most comprehensive directory available for care and senior housing. Families can access resources from any smart phone, tablet or computer without sharing their contact details.

Types of Senior Housing, Care Facilities & Licensing

Educating yourself on the types of options for yourself or a loved one starts with knowing what each setting provides. Also, using a local Senior Living Advisor will be most helpful in navigating which options are the best fit. Independent Senior Living Communities: 1-3 Meals/day, housekeeping, transportation, activities Assisted Living Communities (ALF): 3 Meals/day, housekeeping, […]

Programs of All-Inclusive Care for The Elderly

The Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) is an innovative model that provides a range of integrated preventative, acute care, and long-term care services to manage the often complex medical, functional, and social needs of the frail elderly. PACE was created as a way to provide clients, family, caregivers and professional health care providers the flexibility to meet a person’s health care needs while continuing to live safely in the community.

Who are the Kidney Heroes?

The Kidney Heroes™ focus on the right intervention at the right time. If a patient isn’t progressing in a positive direction, the team tries to change that. Each person is trained to provide highly specialized care and understands the intricacies of kidney disease. Roles and staffing ratios are customizable based on individual market needs.

Understanding Parkinson’s Disease

What is Parkinson’s disease? Parkinson’s disease is a brain disorder. It occurs when certain nerve cells (neurons) in a part of the brain, called the substantia nigra, die or become impaired. Normally, these cells produce a vital chemical known as dopamine. Dopamine allows smooth, coordinated function of the body’s muscles and movement. It is not […]

Alzheimer’s Association— Leads the Fight Against Alzheimer’s

We are relentless. We are optimistic. We are inclusive. We are a group of people— staff and volunteers—determined to end Alzheimer’s and all dementia. Serving 38 counties in Oregon and Washington, the Alzheimer’s Association® Oregon & Southwest Washington Chapter fights for the more than 69,000 Oregonians and 120,000 Washingtonians living with Alzheimer’s disease. Our services […]

What is Remote Patient Monitoring?

As we age we strive to keep our independence. Remote Patient Monitoring is a great way to help monitor chronic health conditions and prevent medical emergencies – helping you stay safe and healthy in the comfort of your home. Remote Patient Monitoring is simple and easy to use. Depending on your own personal needs you […]

You Never Have To Be Alone

NEST is a non-profit organization dedicated to its core mission – connecting its members with each other and with resources to age successfully in the place they call home.

How to Qualify for Medicaid Benefits

Black & White Rules? The first thing a law student learns is there is no such thing as a “black and white”rule. To every rule there is an exception(and probably many!). These exceptions make the rules of our society vastly more colorful than the average person would expect, and Oregon Medicaid is no different. Many […]

Identifying Isolation and Loneliness

In this time of social and physical distancing, staying emotionally  connected with other people is more important than ever. Senior isolation was a troubling issue long before the pandemic, but now it’s a public health crisis. In fact, some experts are now referring to senior loneliness as a “silent pandemic” affecting millions worldwide. Isolation happens […]

It starts with one. You can make a difference in preventing prescription opioid misuse

Prescription drug misuse is among the fastest growing drug problem in the United States and the vast majority of this misuse is due to prescription opioids. Opioids can negatively affect the reward center in the brain, leading users to need more and more over time and as a result these drugs can be highly addictive. […]

MWV Newsletter December 2020

about important new developments and view the latest upcoming events for your area! Mid-Willamette Valley Monthly Marketing Update – December 2020   I hope everyone had a safe and happy Thanksgiving. Each year I focus on being Thankful for the “things that happen for us, not to us”. Although 2020 is the year that keeps […]

Have You Ever Heard of Reversible Dementia?

The answer to this question may surprise you. There are some conditions that mimic dementia and cause cognitive impairment. This is what we refer to as reversible dementia. In order to define the term, we first must understand what dementia is. Dementia is a collection of disorders involving cognitive impairment, and there are many different […]

Case Management Week Goodie Bag Drop Locations

(We are working to confirm more locations in Southern Oregon – as fires get under control we hope this will be easier for these communities & we’ll update you as we add more) Market Drop Location Business Drop Location Address Southern Oregon All Care In-Home Care Solutions 255 W. Stewart Ave. Suite 101, Medford, OR […]

Conversations to Have with Your Parents

We strongly encourage that families adopt the 40/60 rule guideline as the perfect time to start discussions concerning potentially sensitive topics around aging. That simply means that when the children are around 40 and/or the parents are around 60, these discussions should begin. Ideally, the whole family should be involved. It’s often least stressful to […]