The Easy Way to Find Care Near You

What is

CareAvailability is quickly becoming the most comprehensive directory available for care and senior housing. Families can access resources from any smart phone, tablet or computer without sharing their contact details.

We created a comprehensive list and a fair playing field for families to see ALL options, and filter those options to specific needs and timelines. The search feature allows families to self-advocate and choose providers they want to contact. Many sites request an email or phone number to view results, and then “sell or share” your contact information. On, no personal information is required, collected, or shared to search available care providers-unless the family reaches out directly to the community or agency to give it.

How does it work?

Providers along the continuum of senior care are listed for free and can manage and report their availability/vacancies for families, discharge planners, and community partners to find REAL TIME availability. Providers can log in from any device, and when they make an update, you see that change in real time.

How are the search results displayed in “real-time” and then filtered?

Providers on our platform can edit their services, availability, room and care types, payment options, and advanced search options. This helps both families and health teams find your care more efficiently. There is a map feature to show which providers have current availability. You can also sort by distance, medicare rating, or alphabetically. You can select other advanced filters such as payment type, and care needs, including: diabetic care, bariatric care, ventilator care, two person transfers, and more.

Who can report senior care vacancies and availability, and is there a fee to report?

Any provider can get started and begin reporting availability today. It is free to manage and report availability information. Providers can also have multiple users update their profiles and ensure listing information will be current. All providers are included for FREE and each can report their availability in real time at NO CHARGE.

Who do we include in our provider network and why?

We include 10 different levels of care focused around senior housing, care and hospice, and include services that require staff and “availability”. We do not include professional services such as attorneys, realtor, financial planners, or referral agencies. Although the other professional services are critical when planning care for a loved one- it is usually not limited by “availability”.

We are continuing to grow the database and are adding new states every month, in an effort to cover the full United States by the end of the year. Please let providers know if you found their information on

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