Aging Alone Doesn’t Have to be Lonely

As we age, our social circles can often dwindle down for various reasons, but luckily there are more ways than ever to stay connected with friends and make new ones, primarily thanks to the internet. Whether you’d like to meet a new love interest or connect with old friends you’ve lost touch with, stepping outside of your comfort zone online can mean real connections with others like you.

How to Enliven Your Social Network:

Facebook: Often called The Social Network, staying in touch with friends is easy on Facebook, and finding new friends can be quite easy too. There are thousands of groups that you can request to join, some popular ones senior ones being: Activities for Seniors or Friendly Senior Citizens International.


There is an abundance of ways for seniors to get out and volunteer, and who knows? You may end up making a few friends! Some popular options to find reputable volunteer options would be: Volunteer International and VolunteerMatch. Some volunteer options are recurring and can be wonderful ways to get involved with the local or global community.


Meetup is a popular outlet for almost anyone looking to expand their social network, especially if you live near a major metropolitan area. Here in the Portland area, popular senior groups include Seniors on Steroids and Portland Theater Meetup for 55+ Singles.

Consider getting a part-time job:

Sometimes just getting out of the house for a few hours a day (or even a few hours a week) can expose us to situations and people that we normally wouldn’t be involved in. Even teaching English online with young students can be a fun and interesting way to interact with others who are grateful for your knowledge and expertise! Check out RetiredBrains for available jobs and tips on job searching.

Travel together:

Websites like Travel Chum or Thelma & Louise (for women) can help connect like-minded travelers who don’t want to see the world alone. So, if you’ve ever wanted to see the Egyptian Pyramids or visit the Galapagos Islands, but want to have a friend with you—look no further!

Hopefully, this list helped to get you thinking about ways you can invigorate your social life, whether in your hometown, online, or abroad!

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