Creating a Lasting Legacy

If you are like most of us there is a box of photos, slides and memorabilia under the bed or in a closet corner fading away. The memories inside are pure gold!

Take care. This is your legacy! A professional photo organizer asks you to inhale and remember, “A box of photos tells no tales.” It is probably (past) time to think about organizing and saving those photos, slides & stories.

Your organizer is a helper who has systems and ideas about organizing & storing irreplaceable photos so they are easy to find & don’t become damaged or lost. Instead of using them as bookends, a professional photo organizer can curate your collection of slides making it easy to view the memories they hold.

Who can forget photos from the mid 60s? Remember how they turned pink after they had been around for 30 years? A professional photo organizer can make minor adjustments to photos to get rid of the pink. They’ll look like they did originally.

There are lots of reasons to stop dragging your feet to get those photos out of the box.

Maybe you are thinking of downsizing? If so you might not have room for photos, memorabilia and sentimental objects.

Preserving your collection is a project you will want to prioritize ahead of time. Once you and/or your move manager give the go ahead, a photo organizer will scan memorabilia & trinkets to load onto a smart TV or digital photo frame for easy transport and viewing anytime. Images can also be shared with others in the cloud or on a disk.

A digital photo frame is a great “memory box” used to recall fond memories, sentimental objects, art, music, family stories or personal history.

Professional photo organizers wear several hats. Aside from scanning photos & slides to digitize and organize, they offer archive advice about fragile photos, documents & objects.

Maybe you’ve found yourself procrastinating once a family member asked you to write about your personal history or your stories? Many in this profession create montage or video documentaries told with interviews, your photos & personal history.

Do you want to delve deeper into your story? Bond with family members to include their stores & images? Commemorate a special occasion?

Your professional might offer printed photo memoirs: bound books or magazines to illustrate your rich legacy.

Through books or magazines a photo organizer creates a portable visual treasure for you and your family to hold, browse and cherish. This makes your personal history a gift that is priceless.

Isn’t it past time to schedule a consultation with one of these professionals? A photo organizer assures your photos, history and memories can be enjoyed time and again for generations to come.

No gift or souvenir will mean more to future generations than the time you took to create a lasting legacy.

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