What is a Senior Care Advisor?

A Senior Care Advisor is your expert in the challenges of aging. It is someone who can sit down and learn everything about your situation to best guide you.

Every industry has experts that can be used to educate and guide you along the best path. A quality expert is going to help avoid common pitfalls and mistakes, as well as maximize your time and money. The process of aging and finding Long Term Care is no exception. Those in this role have traditionally been called Placement Agents, but that does not give justice to the services they provide in today’s world. To truly be a Senior Care Advisor one must be an expert in the vast scope of aging challenges that people could face. One nationally accredited certification in this field is called Certified Senior Advisor, C.S.A. Those who choose to take that next step in education can obtain this title and show they have studied the wide range of issues that could arise as someone ages. An advisor should also research licensing, inspections reports, and any state violations of every facility to ensure they are only recommending the highest quality options for any given situation.

A Senior Care Advisor is your expert in the challenges of aging. It is someone who can sit down and learn everything about your situation to best guide you. Some examples of information an advisor should ask are:

Medical/Health Information,  Geographic Needs, Financial Requirements, Veteran Status, Long-Term Care Insurance, Mobility Concerns, Cognitive Abilities, Personal Care Needs, Meal Preferences, Socialization/Hobbies, and/or Estate Planning.

An advisor really must have a clear understanding of everything that is going on before they can start looking at next steps. This process can be equated to assembling a puzzle. You give an advisor an idea of what the end result should look like, hand them all of the pieces needed for assembly, and let them go about piecing everything together. A quality advisor will know all of the options and help navigate this confusing industry to find the perfect solutions for your needs. Keep in mind an advisor is not making decisions on your behalf; this is why it’s crucial you find an advisor you connect with and trust.

Given all the wonderful things an advisor does, it is amazing that they provide this all as a free service to families. The advisor is compensated by the long-term care facilities; because of this compensation model an advisor should not be a sales person pushing one particular solution. Their goal should be to provide the highest quality options and present them so you can make the best decisions possible. Given that they have already visited hundreds of these long-term care options, you do not have to start from the beginning. They can quickly recommend the best options and you only have to visit a handful of places. This gives you the ability to focus time and energy on your loved ones. So if you find yourself in need of guidance in these areas, find a quality Senior Care Advisor for help.

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