Case Management Week

Case Management Week is October 10-16th,  there are 2 opportunities to participate:

  • Goody Bags for hospital staff – items are donated by local providers and anyone can participate
  • Provide Lunch for a hospital team – open to Retirement Connection sponsors only at this time

1) The Goody Bags:  Click Here to Sign Up

Retirement Connection team works with local providers, to provide  “Thank you bags” to hospital case managers during Case Management Week. We plan to drop off more than 1000 Thank You bags to case management staff at 40 hospitals from Everett, WA to Medford, OR. More than 100 providers in several cities donate items valued less than $10/each to recognize the hard work of local case managers.

Drop locations for your donated items: You Can deliver items NOW, but the deadlines are posted below:

  • Puget Sound Area Hospital Drop Locations/Date: OCTOBER 11TH, 9am – 4:30pm
    All items for this area will be delivered to a central drop off in the Kent area.
    SASH Office @ 6811 S 204th St. – Kent, WA 98032

    • SASH is located on the SE corner of the intersection of West Valley Hwy (181) and S. 204th St in a building called The Atrium. Elevators are located in the first floor lobby. They are on the third floor, Suite 395.

More details about provider donated items: On the sign up form, we have noted participating hospitals and the staff amount providers should plan for. If a hospital has 50 staff members- you will provide 50 items for that hospital. You can participate in as many hospitals as you like. Ideas include: hand written notes, quality logo products, $5 Starbucks cards, Kind bars, other snacks, etc. Each hospital needs to be boxed separately when you bring your items to the drop location (do NOT NOT NOT deliver to the hospital). All items for each hospital will be combined in individual goodie bags for each case manager to receive during case management week. Click here to watch the video from the 2020 collection, bag fill and deliveries.

A few things to note:
* NO PERISHABLE / NO HOMEMADE FOOD, food items must be store bought and individually wrapped
* NO GLASS OR FRAGILE ITEMS, the bags will be moved several times, and your items may be broken
* If including multiple small items – please bag them together (ex. tea, lotion, and a face mask from same provider should be placed in a single bag. This helps us keep all your items together.)
* Snacks are very popular – consider placing your label on a bag and include a few kind bars, a card, and beverage with no glass.
* Be mindful of dated items, please note that these bags are delivered the week of Oct. 11th
* If you are including branded logo items – be mindful of the audience and purpose of these bags.

Remember: These goodie bags are a Thank You gift to case managers, and different from items distributed at an expo table. It would be better to donate a simple Kind Bar with your label, rather than marketing brochures and pens. Great Logo items have been: phone chargers, sewing kits, Ice packs, travel mugs filled with items, aromatherapy lotion, or other nice items we KEEP.


  2) Sponsor Lunch for a hospital team 

We listed  participating hospitals and the # of staff to plan for at each location. Hospitals will automatically be removed from the list once selected). 

Sponsor Lunch Delivery Details: This is a “NO contact lunch drop off”.

Lunch Sponsors will have very limited contact with the hospital, please do not sign up for a lunch if you are expecting significant face time or marketing exposure. Due to COVID policies, this will NOT be possible.
* You will be able to include your brochures at drop off (please provide enough for the hospital staff to each have one (1) only).
* You will also be able to provide a brief 2-3 minute video that we will send to the hospital case management staff. These will be emailed to Jill

A few things to note:
* NO HOMEMADE FOOD, or food made at a Senior Community. All food items must be restaurant bought and individually boxed
* PLAN FOR SPECIAL DIETS, and include at least 10-15% that can accommodate Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free and ask the restaurant to note that on the box.
* BEVERAGES recommended but not required, (non-alcoholic of course)