Local Volunteer Ombudsmen Positions Available

Volunteer ombudsmen are needed in your community! Volunteer Ombudsmen are resident advocates. They ensure that the concerns of residents of long-term care and residential facilities are heard and addressed. They advocate for quality of care and improvements to Oregon’s long-term care and residential facility systems. The Office of the Long-Term Care Ombudsman provides Volunteer Ombudsmen with training, certification and continuing support. See how you can make a difference by reading below, calling us at 800-522-2602 and visiting us on the web at www.oregon.gov/ltco.

The Office of the Long-Term Care Ombudsman advocates for the rights of Oregonians living in licensed long-term care and residential facilities. The office consists of:

  • The Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program, a free, confidential advocacy program available to residents, families, facility staff and the public. Ombudsmen advocate for residents of nursing facilities, residential care and assisted living facilities, and adult foster care homes. Complaints are investigated and resolved by professional ombudsmen and trained volunteers assigned to facilities.
  • The Residential Facilities Ombudsman Program, available in late 2015, is a free, confidential advocacy program
    for persons with mental health conditions and persons with intellectual/developmental disabilities who live in residential facilities. Ombudsmen assist residents, families, facility staff, and the public by advocating for residents, addressing resident concerns, investigating problems, and consulting about the residential facility system.
  • The Oregon Public Guardian Program is a new statewide program that will serve as a court-appointed guardian and/or conservator for adults with limited decision-making ability. Services will be limited to persons

at significant risk of abuse or neglect and who have no responsible family member or friend to serve as their guardian or conservator, nor the resources for a private guardian or conservator. The program will begin taking referrals summer 2015.
It is presently recruiting for professional staff.

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