Family Pilot Program with elovee


Elovee (el-o-vee) is a healthcare company dedicated to eliminating loneliness and isolation for seniors living with dementia. Our solution provides 24/7 comfort and support to seniors living with dementia by creating a digital version of their family members that they can talk to over the phone or video calls, whenever they need. The digital family member looks and sounds like you and communicates using dementia care best practices developed by memory care experts.


We are running a 10 week pilot program starting at the end of July where we will work with you to understand how you communicate with your loved one and how we can create a conversation that best meets their needs. We will do this by first learning how you talk to your loved one, then teaching you conversational frameworks based on dementia best practices to better communicate with them.

We anticipate the total time commitment for the 10 weeks being around 20 hours total:

  1. Record 1-2 calls between you and your loved one each day when they are fixated on a certain topic (5-10 minutes each day)
  2. 1 weekly check-in call with us (30 mins)
  3. 1 call for you to learn how to better communicate with your loved one (1 hour)
  4. 1 final call at the end of the pilot (1 hour)


  1. You will learn how to better communicate with your loved one by using conversation methods developed and used by leading dementia experts.
  2. You will receive $400 as compensation for your time.
  3. You will have the option to use elovee in the future, free of charge

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