Recent Changes in Staff Positions at Josephine Caring Community

Jennifer Kitchens has returned to us with the new title “Customer Service Leader.” You probably have already talked to Jennifer as she was the receptionist who greeted each caller with “Hello! How can I make your day better?” Jennifer’s new role is to be our Customer Service Leader. She will be active and intentional in gathering, analyzing, and understanding customer service perception of those we serve. I want to do a better job of this so adjustments in service can be made to optimize customer satisfaction. She will also be managing the front office staff and assisting in admissions.

Jessica Treat has recently stepped into the role of Community Development. She is out in the community promoting Josephine’s services and gaining understanding of related services in our area. In the past few months she has forged strong relationships with community leaders and referral sources. She has brought great information on what is happening in our healthcare service area back to Josephine. This knowledge will be useful as we build and move new services.

Kati Shannon is returning to us as the new business development and marketing director. Her role is to do whatever needed to get new business up and running then market those businesses.

Written by Josephine Caring Community, CEO, Terry Robertson

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