Tacoma Lutheran Retirement Community Changes Name to eliseo

TACOMA, WA – January 22nd, 2021 – Tacoma Lutheran Retirement Community is proud to announce today that it has formally changed its name to eliseo effective February 1st, 2021. The company unveiled a new identity and website today during a live stream on YouTube, eliseo.org.

The company, founded in 1938 as Puyallup Lutheran Home, three years ago embarked on a redevelopment project that will add 91 additional homes to their 28-acre lush green campus. The company felt it was the right time to shift their brand to a new brand standard that upholds the ever growing and expanding image, to which eliseo was born.

“This is an exciting time for everyone at eliseo. Since we began serving people in 1938, we have taken great pride in constantly evolving to meet the expectations of those we serve. The name eliseo is symbolic of our humble beginnings: God is our salvation, yet, it is representative of the exciting future in store for us as it symbolizes the faith and hope that has always been a part of our organization. In this era of change, while our name is changing, our commitment to engaging people through innovative programs and services will remain in place. I am confident this name will take us well into the future, as we begin to serve the next generation of people who will look to us for high quality, innovative living arrangements and an engaging lifestyle.” said R Kevin McFeely, President and CEO.

We have long been a destination for those seeking salvation from the restraints of an ordinary retirement lifestyle. eliseo translates to “God is my salvation” in Latin. This name will forever serve as a reminder to look to the heavens-inspiring us to rise higher while reaching beyond what is possible. Our new logo synthesizes elements of faith, hope and aspiration into one cohesive unit. Specifically, the brand icon suggests both the petals of Martin Luther’s white rose evokes the “joy, comfort and peace” that faith bestows. The same organic shape also references the outstretched arms that seek salvation and aspire to achieve grace. The use of lowercase letters conveys humility and the dot over the “I” suggests a flame, representing faith in the Divine. Welcome to eliseo!

During its 82-year history, eliseo has provided exceptional 5-Star service to more than 375 residents (I recommend we change this-it makes it sound like we have served only 375 residents-maybe use the term tens of thousands of residents who have or currently call ) the Life Plan Community home. As a company we pledge to ourselves, our constituents and our residents to anticipate, to respond and to serve as we always have.

For more information about the name changes and new brand identity visit eliseo.org or contact Alexandra Vick, Public Relations and Marketing Director at avick@tacomalutheran.org



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