Maintaining Social Connections

Social activities serve many purposes. While some activities are purely for enjoyment, being socially active also helps keep the body, mind, and spirit active and alive. In fact, people who remain socially active are less likely to show physical decline as they age.

There are two important things that motivate most people to stay involved in life: interaction with people and contributing to life in some meaningful way.

The Importance of Friends
Friendships have been found to have as positive an effect on healthy aging as keeping physically fit. Friendships help to:
Extend the length of our lives.
Have a positive impact on our immune systems.
Help to protect our minds from mental decline as we age.
Those who participate in social activities or groups seem to experience protective benefits similar to those who remain physically active. Those who participate in work or volunteer activities and who socialize regularly with friends are less likely to show physical, emotional, and mental decline as they age.
Those who remain active with friends tend to revise the way they define friendship as they age. They no longer require being nearby or face-to-face.

Source: Washington State Department of Social and Health Services

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