Public Health Emergency Preparedness for Heat Forecast

Clackamas County is forecasted to have its first 90 degree day of the year this Friday, and possibly again Saturday. 
The first 90 degree day effects individuals who are sensitive to heat, like older adults and persons using medications that can exacerbate heat symptoms and/ or prevent the body from using its natural cooling processes. As well as those who are unhoused and who work outdoors for extended periods of time. 
Follow this link to find a Clackamas County heat preparedness and life safety flyer that can be used for distribution to the community. Scroll down to PHEP resources Stay Safe When It’s Hot. The flyer is available in 10 additional languages
Please reach out with any questions, concerns, or additional requests for resources.

Stephanie Coleman, Emergency Planning and Operations Coordinator
Clackamas County Social Services
2051 Kean Rd Unit 135 Oregon City, OR 97045


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