Working with a referral and placement agency…

Senior referral and placement agencies help families through the process of finding senior housing services.  Agencies vary in size and the services they provide.  Some will simply send a list of all the available housing options while others will work with you to narrow down options based on your needs.  Generally, the services they provide are free to the consumer, or there may be a small refundable retainer.

Save time and stress by using the services of a Senior Placement and Referral Agency. Plus, gain peace of mind knowing they’ve done the research for you.  Using a reputable agency that uses best practices in their business will guarantee you can trust their referrals.

Oregon Senior Referral Agency Association (OSRAA), 503-305-3878

These referral agencies may be a great resource to assist you in finding the most appropriate community for your needs.

1st CHOICE Advisory Services, 800-361-0138 

A Caring Choice, 360-910-2154 

Adult Care Pro, 360-254-6111, 877-373-6111 

All About Seniors, Jennifer Roney, RN, 503-659-1410 

Alternative Options, 360-213-9167 

Assisted Living Locators, 503-610-9226, 503-560-0405 

Family Values Adult Placement Agency, 360-984-7700 

Golden Placement Services, 503-723-7145 

Hand In Hand Senior Placement, Joanna Mocan, 503-484-7994 

Helping Hands for Seniors, 503-746-4740 

Mt Hood Senior Solutions, 971-400-7030 

NW Senior Resources Inc, 503-807-7778 

Oasis Senior Advisors, 503-348-2822

Portland Senior Housing, 503-487-7245 

Right Fit Senior Living Solutions, Liz Fischer, 503-567-7268 

Senior Living Locator, 360-859-3084 

Senior One Source, 503-420-9011 

(This is not a complete list of all agencies, only those know through A complete list can be found on the Long Term Care Referral Registry website.

Additionally- it may be helpful for you to review the state website for reviewing each community.