SAGE (Services for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Elders)

As a proud partner of Retirement Connection, SAGE (Services for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Elders) is supporting and educating communities as they transition to better care for the LGBT community. As you may have heard, we will be highlighting LGBT designated communities in the 2018 Retirement Connection guides.

We hope you are interested in taking the few steps to become “LGBT designated” by SAGE.

Step 1: Complete the SAGE Housing Equality survey, which you can find by
clicking HERE.
(This survey asks basic questions about your staff and community’s experience with LGBT patients.)

Step 2: Upload the Additional Documents for LGBT Designation survey by
clicking HERE.
(This survey requires the upload of additional documents for SAGE to access).

Max Micozzi and the SAGE volunteers will reach out to you once both surveys have been completed.

Please note that once approved, there is a finalization fee, and you will be invoiced by the end of the process:

$150 per property for For-Profit Organizations
$75 per property for Non-Profit Organizations

For more information from Max concerning the overall process,
please click HERE.