Anna Hobson, Ambulatory Care Navigator, MultiCare Medical Center

I work as an ambulatory case manager at Tacoma General. Medical Center Our department spreads over 5 hospitals and employees over 30 case managers. We serve a demographic of elders to help navigate their health care needs and goals. Many of our patients need resources for housing or care for loved ones. We utilize the Retirement Connection Guide often as majority of our patients want to “see” their options and don’t use a computer or they have trouble navigating. I personally have used the Retirement Connection resource for a few years, and refer other members of our team to also utilize for resources. The collection of information and resources in the book have been instrumental in helping our patients connect with much needed resources. Having such an organized book of resources have made it easier for the elder population to navigate needs and interests, in a one stop experience. The value of the Retirement Connection has been a key to our departments success in helping patient meet their health care goals. Having the book in print to provide for our patients has been a game changer. Of course we also implement other resources, but having the Retirement Connection saves a of time and energy to provide helpful, current resources.