Kris L Vandehey

I believe whole heartily in this company. Not only is it the go to resource for discharge planners at our ONLY hospital here in Grants Pass, it is distributed at both Hospitals in Medford as well and their go to as well. They sponsor many senior fairs, have a very useful webpage and will promote any event we have in our community on their webpage. It is a great resource for potential residents, easy to use, and it is visually appealing to the eye. On top of all that, Amy and Krista come to town once a month and run SONAR which in my opinion is the best medical marketing organization out here in Southern Oregon. A ton of networking goes on as well as educational topics at SONAR. They run a tight ship from 9-10:30am getting us in and out so we do not have to plan a whole day event, and they always leave time for after mtg networking. Last, but not least, I have seen these two ladies work for those that advertise with them. They “hook” people up in the best form of the term. They know anything and everything that is going on in the communities they serve.