It starts with one. You can make a difference in preventing prescription opioid misuse

Prescription drug misuse is among the fastest growing drug problem in the United States and the vast majority of this misuse is due to prescription opioids. Opioids can negatively affect the reward center in the brain, leading users to need more and more over time and as a result these drugs can be highly addictive. […]

MWV Newsletter December 2020

about important new developments and view the latest upcoming events for your area! Mid-Willamette Valley Monthly Marketing Update – December 2020   I hope everyone had a safe and happy Thanksgiving. Each year I focus on being Thankful for the “things that happen for us, not to us”. Although 2020 is the year that keeps […]

Case Management Week Goodie Bag Drop Locations

(We are working to confirm more locations in Southern Oregon – as fires get under control we hope this will be easier for these communities & we’ll update you as we add more) Market Drop Location Business Drop Location Address Southern Oregon All Care In-Home Care Solutions 255 W. Stewart Ave. Suite 101, Medford, OR […]

Conversations to Have with Your Parents

We strongly encourage that families adopt the 40/60 rule guideline as the perfect time to start discussions concerning potentially sensitive topics around aging. That simply means that when the children are around 40 and/or the parents are around 60, these discussions should begin. Ideally, the whole family should be involved. It’s often least stressful to […]

What is a Geriatric Care Manager and Why Do You Need One?

A geriatric care manager is a specially trained professional elder care advocate who will make your daily life care easier for yourself or a loved one. They will work with you to help you form short and/or long-term plans and connect you with services that match your finances. Whether you live in the same town […]

Comcast Internet Essentials offering two months free service

As our country continues to navigate the COVID-19 emergency, we recognize that our company plays an important role in helping connect low-income seniors to the internet. That way, they can remain safely at home and be in constant contact with their families and doctors, as well as to the latest health news and information about […]

Starting the Tough Conversation is Easier Than You Think

Family visits are a time of togetherness to share stories and reminisce with loved ones, celebrate traditions and strengthen relationships. Often, these gatherings come with the recognition that too much time has passed –and a lot has changed. The time together may spark awareness that your aging loved ones need additional help. Timing Is Everything […]

Aging Alone Doesn’t Have to be Lonely

As we age, our social circles can often dwindle down for various reasons, but luckily there are more ways than ever to stay connected with friends and make new ones, primarily thanks to the internet. Whether you’d like to meet a new love interest or connect with old friends you’ve lost touch with, stepping outside […]

3 Considerations when Contemplating Downsizing and Selling Your home

In 2003, when I started my career in the Senior Living Industry, the housing market made it easy for the seniors I was helping to sell their homes for a great price and move into a Senior Living Community fairly quickly. Following the Housing Market decline in 2008, I started seeing a shift in more […]

End-of-Life Doula 101

The word DOULA has been used for decades in the US to mean “one who serves”. Just as a birth doula supports the labor that culminates in a baby’s first breath, End-of-Life Doulas support the labor involved when dying people, and their loved ones, prepare for the final breath. The role of End-of-Life Doula is […]

The Emotional & Physical Toll of Worry

Worrying takes an emotional and physical toll and can lead to serious medical issues. Unfortunately, just telling ourselves to chill out doesn’t stop the worry. And, when a loved one is aging and needs more help than they’re willing to accept, there is a real cause for concern. Fortunately, you can increase your peace of […]

Recession and Dementia: Reasons to Plan

Financial Insecurity As of December 2019, market volatility is rocking the world and it appears that this may be the norm going into 2020 and many experts fear a recession is imminent. Whether a family member is already in long term care (LTC) or merely concerned LTC is on the horizon, a recession can severely […]

Providence Health and Services Offers SPEAK OUT!® & The LOUD Crowd® for Parkinson’s Disease

Is Parkinson’s Disease affecting you or your loved one’s ability to speak clearly? Providence Health and Services is pleased to offer a two-part speech therapy program to help individuals with Parkinson’s regain and maintain effective communication: SPEAK OUT!® followed by The LOUD Crowd®. This program is offered at various Providence locations throughout the Portland metro […]

Imagine the Right Caregiver

For most Seniors, remaining independent in their own home on their terms is at the top of the list. However, the crippling effects of aging rob seniors of their desire to complete their life’s story with dignity and quality of life. The good news is that seniors can live their best life possible to the […]

Protect Yourself Against Long-term Care Costs

If you’re fortunate, you’ll live independently and in good health throughout your retirement years. However, if you ever needed some type of long-term care, such as a stay in a nursing home, would you be financially prepared? To answer this question, you may want to evaluate two variables: your likelihood of needing long-term care and […]

The Causes of Autoimmune Disease

My Fountain of Youth: Interrupted I spent the week of Christmas of 2018 doubled over in pain, with horrible stomach cramps and diarrhea. The mold I had inadvertently ingested along with my tomatoes was wreaking havoc on my digestive system.  This was not how I wanted to spend the holiday!    Then when I did recover,  the […]

Speciality Care Coordination

Specialty Care Coordination is a critical program at Project Access Northwest. Helping committed patients connect with compassionate volunteer health care providers is the foundation of this program. Our care coordinators work with patients to assist them in navigating a complex health care system. What is our Specialty Care Coordination Program? Project Access Northwest connects un- […]

Knowing When to Make the BIG Move

So, you just got the news from the doctor, and you walk away feeling like Wiley Coyote post-falling-grand-piano-accident.  You’re shocked and crushed, but also somewhat validated.  You knew something was wrong, but you’d hoped…not this.  Your loved one has dementia. You instantly picture the first conversations about this after diagnosis. The arguments. The heartache. You […]

SAGE Metro Portland LGBT Resources

The Current Problem: A 2014 study by the Equal Rights Center found that 48% of LGBT-identified seniors “experienced unfavorable differential treatment in terms of availability of housing, pricing, financial incentives, amenities or application requirements.” Many LGBT older adults are forced to hide their sexual orientation and/or gender identity to avoid mistreatment, harassment and discrimination in […]

Senior Referral Agencies

It is nearly impossible to be objective when helping a family member make the transition from their own home to a senior care situation.  What makes this so difficult?  We have hope for improvement. When we love someone, we never want to “give up” on them.  We hold a deep-seated belief that if we keep […]