Downsizing & Moving Considerations

Downsizing & Moving

Are you considering moving and maybe faced with downsizing? No need to worry; now you can relax because there are companies that specialize in helping you with your moving needs. Two types of businesses that complement each other and help you reduce the stress of moving are Move Managers and Estate Sales Professionals.

Move Managers work with you to decide the best methods to downsize, pack your home and move your belongings. Frequently Move Managers also provide packing and unpacking services as part of their service offering. This kind of service really reduces the physical and emotional strain of moving.

When it comes to reducing the amount of your personal belongings, many times Move Managers will recommend enlisting the help of an Estate Sales Professional to manage an estate sale for you as a cost effective and efficient way to transition those personal treasures that just won’t fit into your new home.

Estate Sales Professionals have experience valuing collectibles and antiques and are familiar with current market values of more contemporary goods. They will assess the condition of your household goods, research and organize them and establish values for the sale. They will arrange for advertising and finally manage the sale.

Estate Sales can be held before or after a move, working with the home owner a Move Manager can identify what personal property is to go to the new place and call upon the Estate Sales Professional to begin the process for the sale.
When everything is done many clients remark that this was one of their easiest moves and they can’t imagine how they would have done it on their own.

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