End Of Life Care

Choices For End Of Life Care

There are many options available to you when facing end of life care. Where you choose to live will have a significant impact.

Adult Family Homes (AFH)

Adult Family Homes provide a home-like setting and accept 4-6 people. Inquire about the education, training, license and credentials of the staff. This will ensure your specific needs can be met. You and your family may benefit from choosing a facility with a nurse on duty who has Hospice Experience. A Registered Nurse on staff can anticipate and make nursing assessments as needed, thus preventing delays in care. Professional licensing and certifications vary greatly in each Adult Family Home. Nursing staff may live in the home and provide the resident care. Some homes have nurses available who direct certified care givers to provide the care. Staff are required to have CPR, First Aid and Fundamentals of Care Giving certificates.

Stay at home

Remain at your family residence with additional hired homecare up to 24 hours/day. Many agencies are available and licensed by the state. Costs usually start at $15.00/hr and vary depending of the certification and license of the caregiver and staff. Many who face end of life care will eventually need 24 hr care to meet their needs; hygiene, medications, nutrition, incontinence, and safety are only a few to keep in mind. Try to limit the number of different caregivers to maintain continuity among caregivers to help communication.

Nursing Homes

Nursing Homes care for the very frail who are dependent on full time care with licensed staff 24 hrs a day. In most instances you will have a shared room with a roommate. Tour the facility and meet possible roommates for a good match. Be certain it looks and feels like a place you can spend the remaining days of your life living. Be proactive and visit prior to a crisis.

Hospice Certified facilities

These facilities provide end of life care with licensed, experienced hospice trained staff 24 hrs a day. Hospice facilities are usually for more crisis situations. Certified Hospice Facilities generally admit patients who are assessed to be in the last 7-10 days of life. When visiting, ask yourself “Would my family feel comfortable visiting me here?” “Is this where I want to live the remainder of my life?” Select the most homelike environment, with the trained and experienced staff you deserve at such a vulnerable time in your life.

Article Provided by
Kim Main, RN
The Lodge, Adult Foster Home

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