Handicapped License Plates

Handicapped License Plates

Handicapped License Plates are generally administered by the Department of Motor Vehicles within each state. Each state manages their program, application process and renewal requirements. The following is a list of some of the general guidelines for Handicapped License Plates – note that this list will vary state by state:

* Handicapped License Plates provide that certain persons with temporary or permanent disabilities, or individuals and residential facilities that regularly transport individuals with disabilities are eligible for accessible parking placards and/or license plates for motor vehicles.
* Such individuals must obtain a statement or prescription from a physician or podiatrist.
* Provides for the issuance of special parking placards or license plates. This identification, or similar identification issued by another state, province or foreign country entitles parking in spaces reserved for people with disabilities. People with such identification can park for free at public metered spaces.
* Provides that people with disabilities may not loan their placards to others.
* Provides penalties for making, selling, or possessing fraudulent parking placards.
* Provides penalties for blocking access aisles or parking in accessible spaces to deliver goods.
* Allows people with disability placards or license plates to receive fuel pumping services (refueling) for self-service prices at stations where both services are available.
* Provides that certain veterans with disabilities are eligible to receive specialty license plates for two vehicles. Additionally, they may also receive two disabled parking placards.
* Permits a vehicle displaying a disabled veteran’s license plate to park in any parking spot reserved for a person with a disability.

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