How Are Your Dentures?

How Are Your Dentures?

Properly fitting dentures are essential for good health and the well being of the person who has lost their natural teeth.  Dentures are a prosthetic replacement for natural teeth that helps with your ability to eat, speak and feel good about the way you look. Your teeth play an important role in your ability to digest food. Your teeth tear, and break down your food into manageable digestible pieces for your body to gain nutrition. Without your teeth you would not be able to enjoy many wonderful foods.

A denture can help you to speak using your tongue, cheeks, and teeth to form words. It is very difficult to pronounce your words correctly without your teeth. Try saying the following: “Six sisters went to church”, and “Mississippi” notice how your upper teeth and tongue cooperate to make the “s” sound and the “ch” sounds. Now try counting from forty to forty four, notice how your upper teeth and lower lip cooperate to make the “th” and “f” sounds.

Your front teeth help support our face. Your lips are held out by your anterior teeth, your canines provide a gentle curve to your face or define the bold square look that some find attractive in men. The molars support our cheeks. Your teeth keep your chin from touching your nose.

Over time the structure of the inside of your mouth, your tissues and bone level change. It is important that you have a denture that fits well, and that doesn’t cause sore spots. It is recommended that you have a new denture made every 5-7 years. Dentures are made of materials that will wear out over time. If the teeth in your existing denture are worn, it is important to replace the denture. The new, sharper teeth will allow you to eat and digest your food more efficiently. Sometimes a simple reline can help with the changing tissue structure in your mouth. There are several reasons for the changes in your mouth. Some reasons can include medication changes, weight gain or weight loss, illness, diseases of the mouth, or accident.

Your daily activities include eating, digesting, socializing, and speaking. All of these activities involve your teeth. It is important that if you are a denture wearer, you keep your dentures fitting correctly, or replace them when necessary. Your demeanor, attitude, and the way people see you depend on a properly fitting and functioning denture.

Written by Michael D. Harris DMD and Patricia A. Moniz EFDA
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