“I Still Do!!” – Every Marriage Matters

“I Still Do!!” – Every Marriage Matters

Since 2003, Every Marriage Matters and local business host a dessert and coffee social celebrating longevity in marriage. The event, which is for couples that have been married for 25 years or more, is free of charge, and the goal is to encourage and acknowledge that 25 years is a true milestone. Lasting marriages provide a powerful example for younger couples and encouragement for everyone.

More about Every Marriage Matters

Every Marriage Matters is a non-profit organization that began in 2001. Their goal is to provide support for the Clackamas County Marriage Policy. The Clackamas County divorce rate has dropped 21% since the establishment of the Clackamas County Marriage policy. Every Marriage Matters is a resource center for couples, pastors, and counselors throughout the region. In 2003, the founders of Every Marriage Matters, Tom & Liz Dressel, along with local psychologist Dr. Steve Stephens, approached Community Relations Director of Miramont Pointe, Therese Lambert, about co-hosting a celebration of marriage. None of them imagined it would expand so quickly and that so many community member’s would get involved. What started out as a smaller event with 60 guests in attendance has grown over the years to include over 300 attendees.

At this fun, exciting and heartwarming celebration, couples have the opportunity to share stories of how they met and what makes a successful marriage. Their stories can be hilarious! Local weatherman Bruce Sussman has been the Master of Ceremonies for the past two years, along with host Dr. Steve Stephens. Steve has put together lists including “The best places to kiss in Clackamas County,” “20 things TO say to your spouse” and “20 things NOT to say to your spouse.”

We have been fortunate to have wonderful sponsors and appreciate the support of all of our major contributors.

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