In-Home Monitoring Technology Empowers Elderly

In-Home Monitoring Technology Empowers Elderly

Most of us take self-reliance for granted, and it’s something we can’t imagine losing. Becoming dependent on others just to get through the day can have devastating emotional and physical effects. For an elderly person moving into a long-term care facility, it means a loss of self-sufficiency and leaving behind familiar surroundings and a home that holds a lifetime of memories. ResCare, a company with 30 years of experience caring for the elderly and disabled, introduced a unique service in 2006 designed to help seniors remain in their homes. Rest Assured® is a Web-based “telecare” system that offers round-the-clock, in-home monitoring and support services provided by specially trained caregivers that allows families to “check in” on their loved ones.

Peace of mind through technology
Using Rest Assured, caregivers are able to communicate face-to-face through touch screen computer monitors. Cameras are placed in the common areas of the home, along with two-way speakers and electronic sensors in bathrooms and bedrooms to support the individual while maintaining privacy. Family members can interact with their loved one, via computer, using the secure web site. The technology may seem imposing, but the hardware is virtually invisible after installation. A recent study by the American Association of Retired Persons found that older persons living alone felt comforted knowing that others were watching after them.

Individualized care
Rest Assured caregivers must have at least two years of direct care experience, 100 hours of training with the system and demonstrate a full understanding of the care protocols of each client. Staff members work with clients and their families to develop a care plan based on three monitoring programs: Family Support–Offers unlimited access, allowing individuals to be monitored by family, via computer, from anywhere in the world. “Drop-in” Support–A Rest Assured caregiver periodically checks the individual’s whereabouts, monitors medication and dietary intake, etc. Active Support–Provides for continuous, remote care if Drop-in Support is not enough.

Best care scenario
We all want our elderly family member to be safe and happy. Rest Assured makes it possible for seniors to live their lives much as they always have, secure in the knowledge that help is always there if needed.

Article provided by: Rescare Homecare

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