Injuries and Mobility Issues Don’t Always End Independence

Injuries and Mobility Issues Don’t Always End Independence

As people age, they sometimes experience a loss of mobility. Whether it’s arthritis, injuries, respiratory diseases, heart disease or other illness, such conditions can make it difficult to not only move through the home, but also to accomplish the daily tasks of living: dressing and bathing, meal preparation, laundry, grocery shopping and light cleaning, to name a few.

In the past, such conditions would usually mean an end to independence and being able to continue to live at home. But in today’s society, an array of in-home care services and support make it possible for adults with limited mobility to obtain the help they need without leaving their homes.

Families of aging adults and aging adults themselves should know they are not alone in living with mobility issues. In fact, according to the United States Administration on Aging, nearly 10 million Americans live with a physical disability that can hinder mobility on a regular basis.

The following tips can help adults with mobility issues maintain their independence.

* Honestly assess your mobility. Is your condition permanent or temporary? Is it painful/difficult/impossible for you to move? Are you limited in the duration of your activity or limited by obstacles, such as stairs?
* Determine what activities you have difficulty accomplishing because of your condition. Is it now hard for you to bath or get dressed? Do laundry? Shop for groceries? Do certain cleaning tasks?
* Consult a physician on what you can do to increase and/or maintain your activity level.
* Research the types of assistance available in the home, including in-home care services, social services and ambulatory equipment.

It’s no secret that we all will age. However, thanks to advancements in care options and medical equipment, we can get the support we need to continue living at home, even though we may not be as mobile as we once were. This assistance can be tailored to an individual’s exact needs.

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