Mature job seekers finding more opportunities

Mature Americans who are seeking jobs are finding more opportunities available because of rising demand for employees

Mature Job Seekers Finding More Opportunities

Mature Americans who are seeking jobs are finding more opportunities available because of rising demand for employees, programs designed to assist them and a growing appreciation for workers from their generation. Also, more companies have open positions and are tailoring job opportunities for mature workers.

Demographic factors in America are one reason mature job seekers will continue to see increased opportunities to either stay in or join the work force. By 2010, almost one in three workers will be at least 50 years old. As Baby Boomers, the nation’s largest population segment, approach retirement, the pool of younger replacement workers in this country won’t be large enough to meet the labor demands of employers.

Because of the growing demand for employees, especially mature workers, more programs are being offered to match aging adults with the right job opportunity. One such national initiative is AARP’s Featured Employers program, in which AARP has partnered with 24 companies to help Americans aged 50 and over remain in the workforce as desired. Right at Home, a leader in in-home supportive care and assistance to aging adults, was selected for AARP’s Featured Employer program in November of 2005. One of the main components of the AARP Featured Employer program is that mature job seekers can learn more about local employers and employment opportunities by visiting

The best advice for mature workers who are looking for opportunities is to do some research to learn more about companies who support their needs and value their experience. There are vast online resources that will provide information on companies and available positions so aging adults can match their interests and talents with local job openings.

Mature adults, especially those just entering the work force, should highlight the positive traits they will bring to a company when applying for a job. Mature workers have skills and experiences that benefit companies. In many cases, the experience of raising a family and running a household can be valuable.

Source: Right at Home,, 503-574-3674

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