Food For Thought

Food for Thought Provided by: Dr. Kevin O’Neil, Medical Director for Brookdale senior Living For more information: Crossword puzzles, bridge, Sudoku., learning a new language-all are good for stimulating the brain and may actually reduce the risk for Alzheimer’s disease in later life. The old age is true-“Use it or lose it.” Regular physical activity […]

Staying In Your Home

There’s No Place Like Home Some of the most common concerns as we age include: “The stairs are more strenuous”, “Since my wife passed away, it is just easier to open a can of soup for dinner”, or “I’ve been in the same house 40 years, and no other place will seem like home”. The […]

Telephone Assistance Programs

Telephone Assistance Programs In 1987, Oregon Legislature passed a law to assure that adequate and affordable residential telephone service is available to all qualifying Oregonians. Based on that legislation, the Public Utility Commission of Oregon implemented three programs which are supported by a surcharge applied to the monthly bill of each retail subscriber who has […]

Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney -Life-Saver or Life-Wrecker? One of the first questions I ask elder clients facing financial crisis is “Do you have a power of attorney?” And when I meet with a family to plan ahead for possible disability, one important question I ask is “Who can we trust with your power of attorney?” What […]

Fitness Centers

Is a Fitness Center Right for You? Looking for the fountain of youth? It may be as close as your nearest swimming pool. Exercise can boost your energy, build your endurance and give you strength for daily tasks. In addition, regular physical activity can: Help you stay independent or help you do more things without […]

Generics Cut Costs

Generics: a Great Way to Cut Health Care Costs A great way to cut health care costs is to find a generic drug that works just as well as your expensive brand-name drug. But how can you be sure that a generic is as good as the drugs you see advertised on TV? It may […]

Cause Related Marketing

Cause Related Marketing, a Positive Cycle Cause-related Marketing involves the cooperative efforts of a “for profit” business and a non-profit organization for mutual benefit. Your cause-related marketing activities should highlight your company’s reputation within your target audience. A few general reasons to incorporate fundraising into your marketing plan are: Better Organizational Image & Visibility Increase […]

What You Need

Everything You Didn’t Realize You Needed Screening your way to a healthier life When it comes to health care, prevention is key. It’s always better to keep you from getting sick than to have you get sick and then have to treat you. That’s why things like regular health screenings are so important. Necessary and […]

Reverse Mortgages

Reverse Mortgages – Improving the Quality of Life for Many Senior Homeowners Say the words “reverse mortgage” a few years ago, and you got a look that said, “Oh, I’m sorry you had to take one of those.” It was the product of last resort, the product of the destitute. Today, however, when you say […]

Mental Health & Aging

Mental Health and Aging America’s population is aging at an alarming rate.  This aging of our population is increasingly adding pressure upon society.  This is due to the increasing number of adults over the age of 65; the aging of the baby-boomers which has higher incidents of mental health issues than our current group of […]

What’s a Good CCRC?

What To Look For In A Retirement Community As providers of senior housing in a CCRC (Continuing Care Retirement Community), we are often in the position of helping people choose where they are going to live. It might be helpful for you to review some of the reasons we feel are very important in helping all seniors make […]

Four Generations, Four Days

Four Generations, Four Days If there is a singular human being who is responsible for priming me to become a gerontologist, it is my maternal Gramma—Jewell Cochran. My Gramma comes from poor, scrappy folk. No one knew who her father was and she grew up without much stability. After her teenage mother abandoned her she […]

Answers For Medicaid

Answers To Common Medicaid Questions Q: Medicare paid for Dad’s hospital after his stroke. Won’t Medicare pay for nursing home, too?  A:  No. Medicare and Medicaid are two different programs. Medicaid may pay for long term care if your dad qualifies. Medicaid rules are complicated and change over time. Q: Mom can’t take care of […]

Costly Misconceptions

Costly Misconceptions: Most People Mistakenly Believe Long-Term Care is Covered Have you failed to get insurance for long term care in a nursing home because you think you already have coverage? If so, you’re like a lot of other people, according to a Roper survey of Americans 45 years of age and over, recently released […]

Oral Hygiene: A Simple Step to Better Health

Oral Hygiene: A Simple Step to Better Health As our bodies age they become more prone to systemic disease such as pneumonia, diabetes, and heart disease. One simple way to help reduce the risk of these diseases is to keep our mouths clean and healthy. Our mouths are the perfect location for germs and infections […]

Eating Well, Aging Well

Eating Well, Aging Well Did you know that your biological age may be older than your chronological age?  Someone of 68 may have a health age of 80 if the diet lacks key nutrients.   Add foods that replace missing vitamins and minerals to slow down the aging process.  Here are five nutrients and their sources […]

Elder Wisdom

Elder Wisdom When I was a kid in Great Falls, Montana, my parents taught me to respect my elders.  To me, that respect was a given.  However, over time I have learned that our society often casts elders to the side and does not revere them in the way one would hope.  I have no […]

Not Always A Hallmark Holiday

Not Always A Hallmark Holiday When families gather for the holidays there is great anticipation of joyful reunions and the creation of happy memories. Unfortunately all too often these hopes are disappointed and concerns are raised when families experience noticeable changes in their elder family members. Did this holiday season raise concerns about physical and […]

Your Golf Swing

Your Golf Swing The golf swing is a complex series of physically explosive movements.  You can improve your game while avoiding injuries by incorporating a focused, physical conditioning program that addresses joint flexibility, muscular strength, balance and coordination. The winter months are the best time to prepare for that first warm spring day, when you […]

A New You

A New You: How to Make it Happen Throughout the year, we receive multiple messages about improving our health: lose weight, start a regular routine, go to the gym more often, eat better and smarter, etc. Fitness clubs are jammed each New Year with resolution-inspired workout novices trying to “reboot” their fitness program. By mid-February, […]