What Is Telecare?

Telecare is the term used to describe remote care of elderly and disabled persons.  These systems provide the care and reassurance needed to allow seniors to stay in their own homes longer and more safely.

Telecare systems exist in many forms, from the very simple to the much more advanced.  The simplest systems consist of automated phone check in services.  These services are set up to call the clients home and require either a voice or touch tone response to the message.  If the proper response is not given an alert will be sent to the appropriate contact person.  The most advanced systems offer real time video monitoring by trained telecaregivers, two way video communication, multiple security sensors (heat, carbon monoxide, door and window alarms), and even a web portal where approved family and friends can virtually check in with loved ones.

Telecare may be an ideal solution for those who need 24-hour care but who resist continuous care-giving and do not want to move to a care facility.  Tele-caregivers are able to check in at regularly scheduled times and can fill the gaps between visits by paid in-home caregivers or families.  Through two-way video communication clients can receive medication reminders, meal reminders, and wake up calls.  Individuals can even be monitored for wandering through the use of door and window sensors.

In remote areas or in locations subject to extreme weather and shut in conditions telecaregivers can monitor the well being of clients even at times when caregivers or family members may not be able to reach clients.

When considering telecare systems it is important to consider the needs of the person who will be using the system.  Will that person be able to respond appropriately to an automated phone message or will they need further assistance such as a live person assisting via phone or two way video?  Equally important are capabilities and features of the system.  Is it customizable or more of a one size fits all approach?  Whatever your needs it is important to choose a company that will take the time to understand your situation and work with you to find the best solution.

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