5 steps to help sell your home

To circumvent that roadblock of “It’s all too much so I’ll just stay put!”Here’s a 5-step plan to help sell your home…

The process to sell your home can be intimidating. Are you like many folks looking at the many wonderful community options, thinking this could be a good fit for me and then hitting a total road block when you realize you need to sell your home as part of your move?  If you have you been in your home for many years, you have not only an accumulation of memories, but often an accumulation of stuff! To circumvent that roadblock of “It’s all too much so I’ll just stay put!”

Here’s a 5-step plan to help sell your home…

1. Learn about your Options – Today there are many great professional services and knowledgeable real estate brokers that can guide you to the help you need or want: Downsizers, Packers, Movers, Contractors, Elder care attorneys and Financial Planners to name a few. Most offer a free consultation so you can learn about their service. Your chosen community may be able to make referrals as well. You don’t have to do it all on your own or wait until family or friends are available.

2. Look at your Numbers – What’s your home worth in your local market? Your real estate broker can give you a current market value plus itemize the costs to sell. Would updates be worth the expense? What are the costs of moving, packing and unpacking assistance? Consider a financial planner to make the best use of your net proceeds.

3. Create a Home Sale Calendar – Schedule the time frame to sort, pack, move, and prepare the house for listing. Be honest about your energy and abilities & add fun and relaxation in as well. Don’t exhaust yourself trying to cram it all in a tight time frame. It may be well worth hiring professional assistance.

4. Start with a Master List  Avoid the
“I wish I had thought of this”mindset. Do a mental walk-thru of your life, a physical walk-thru of your house and list what’s most important – what moves with me, what goes to family or friends, what can I sell, and what can I just get rid of. Your new community will be helpful in determining what you will need, what you may want, and what will fit in your new space. Share your list for feedback.

5. Acknowledge the Process – There will be ups and downs! No doubt that a home sale is stressful, so why not make it your goal to surround yourself throughout the process with those folks and professionals that can reduce the stress and help make the most of your home sale. They will also be able to assist you with touring, paperwork, and other resources surrounding a transition, in addition, to narrowing down the best options to consider.

Article Provided by:
Peter Gallagher
SASH Realty

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