Saving Money on Your Medications

Saving Money on Your Medications

There are strategies you can use to save money on your medications. The strategy you use depends on whether you have prescription drug coverage and your income. Regardless of income, consider asking your doctor if the dosage can be doubled, then the pill scored and cut into halves. This will not work for all medications because of the chemical make-up or if there are coatings on the medications. These directions should be on the label from the pharmacy. If you pay co-pay, this can cut down on the amount you pay. Sometimes, if you pay cash, you may also save a great deal as well.

Additionally, you can check with your doctor and pharmacist to see if there are any rebates and/or coupons for your medications. You may be able to get a free one-month supply of medication by simply verifying if that medication is offering a rebate or coupon. These are offered regardless of income. Also, some companies offer rebates/coupons to people paying co-pays. Read the conditions before attempting to utilize this strategy.

If you need to mail order generic medications, there are two possible options for lower co-pays. Both these companies have income guidelines that are generous. They do not ask about insurance coverage. Some of the co-pays are as low as $20.00 for a three month supply of medication. Verify drug costs before you order. The two companies I recommend are and

Did you know you could possibly get your medications FREE?

Some drug manufacturers give away medications to people who can’t afford them. The bad news is that not all medications are available. Also, there are income guidelines and you cannot have traditional prescription coverage. So, if you are uninsured and can’t afford your medications, this might be a viable option for you. Most of the forms require your doctor’s assistance. Each company has different guidelines and requirements for proof of income. To do these forms yourself, you can look them up at Case management assistance is available for a nominal fee as well.

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