Statistics Show Senior Care Continues to Increase Locally and Nationwide

Statistics Show Senior Care Continues to Increase Locally qnd  Nationwide

If you provide care for an aging loved one, or plan to offer care for one in the future, national statistics show you are not alone. As adults live longer and Baby Boomers approach older ages, the number of Americans who need in-home care, or will require such care in the coming years, continues to rise.

National numbers are showing that Americans are living longer lives. Because of this, in-home care is quickly becoming a necessity. However, many American families can easily feel alone when they find themselves in a senior care situation. They don’t always know where to turn for help.

Besides living longer, aging adults often find themselves living alone after the loss of a spouse. Oftentimes, their children have moved out of the area or state as society becomes increasingly mobile. When these and similar situations occur, aging adults are often in need of additional care, either from the family or an outside provider.

In-home care continues to increase, for example, due to the number of chronic disease patients. According to the Center on an Aging Society at Georgetown University, nearly 100 million Americans have chronic conditions.

An increase in elder care also has resulted from the number of Americans living with Alzheimer’s disease. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, 6 million Americans will be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease by 2010. That number is expected to jump to 10 million by 2035.

When adult children find themselves in these situations with aging loved ones, they often need to make a decision about the best care available for that person. In several cases, the care comes from a family member on a full-time basis or from an in-home care provider. The adult in need of care, however, does not want to become a burden to their family members. They seek a high quality of life that allows them to remain independent and living at home as long as possible.

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