Telephone Reassurance

Telephone Reassurance

Telephone Reassurance is regular, pre-scheduled calls to individuals who live alone. The service is provided as a routine safety check and to reduce loneliness. There are a variety of Telephone Reassurance Systems available. Telephone Reassurance systems can be completely automated or provided as a professional service by professional caregivers or volunteer organizations. Here are some of the basic programs:

Automated Systems

With the an automated system a computer calls the resident and plays a recorded message, inquiring if the resident is okay. If the resident answers the call and replies, the automated system knows that the resident is okay. If there is no answer then the local sheriff or other law enforcement organization is notified to do a wellness check. This system can be managed through local law enforcement.

Personal Call Services

Some organizations and professional caregivers offer personal telephone reassurance calls. These calls are made at a predetermined time when the older adult is expected to be home and awake. With this program the older adult receives the reassurance call on a regular basis, which can be daily, weekly, or some other predetermined schedule. This type of program can also include home visitation services.

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