Your Golf Swing

Your Golf Swing

The golf swing is a complex series of physically explosive movements.  You can improve your game while avoiding injuries by incorporating a focused, physical conditioning program that addresses joint flexibility, muscular strength, balance and coordination.

The winter months are the best time to prepare for that first warm spring day, when you will be ready to tee up with a stronger, more energetic body.  Once you are on your way, it’s easy to stay “tuned-up” with a short 15-minute golf-specific workout twice per week.

As we get older our muscles lose tone, shortening our golf swing and causing the wrong muscles to compensate for the weakened muscles. For example, senior men can be observed walking with their rear down and their legs forward. This is because their gluteus muscles are weak, and without a focused physical conditioning program, are incapable of maintaining healthy posture.

To execute a superb golf swing we need to maintain the condition and flexibility of all our muscles.  As flexibility decreases, golfers may try to make their swings bigger.  However, when watching a senior professional golf tour, the participants preserve a short swing.  When one forces a swing to be something it isn’t, proper position is compromised, hindering performance and inviting injury.  Expect that your swing is going to be shorter and get your gluteus and hamstring muscles in tone.

There are no shortage of workout routines designed to improve strength and flexibility of specific muscle groups. The important thing is to find one that is specially designed for seniors and the explosive movements and necessary flexibility specific to swinging a golf club. It is also just as important to choose a routine that is mentally and physically engaging, so that you do not give up a healthy habit. Make it fun so that a vigorous, healthy habit becomes a lifetime habit.

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