The HOPE (Helping Our People Emergency) Fund

Several individuals and companies involved in the senior care industry have started:
The HOPE (Helping Our People Emergency) Fund
Our HOPE is to offer immediate, tangible assistance for those in OUR industry facing financial insecurity resulting in the inability to pay for rent, childcare costs, and food. We know several frontline, single-parent staff who are unable to afford living expenses currently. We also have those amongst us whose businesses serving our senior industry are suffering greatly during this pandemic.
We will not put restrictions on the type of assistance requested, and we hope to be able to give up to $250 per person who requests assistance. The actual number will be dependent on the donations we receive. This will be considered a gift from our senior care community, and there are no repayment requirements. We only ask that if possible, the recipient pay it forward.
The more money we raise, the more HOPE fund recipients we can help. This fund is unique in that we will ONLY be funding employees in the Senior Industry.  If you or your company would like to donate, there are two ways of doing so.



Mail a Check Made Out To:             The Senior Care Coalition
 P.O. Box 75496, Seattle, WA 98175

(Please include your name, phone #, and note that it is for The HOPE fund.)

E-mail the following information to: or

Your name:
Your Phone #: 
Name of Potential Recipient:  
Phone # of Recipient (if possible): 
Best Address for Recipient:
Purpose of Funds Requested: 

Thanks everyone for your help in taking care of our people so we can take care of others!

*For more information you may contact Janice Emery at 425-582-7674 or David Clemons at 425-823-8961

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