Oregon Senior Referral Agency Association on OAR 411-050

July 10, 2020 from Oregon Senior Referral Agency Association

OAR 411-050* (see below) restricts people from visiting their loved ones living in long-term care communities. And, facilities must provide technology assisted socialization – “virtual visits” for their residents.

But, not all communities can afford the added expense of purchasing new equipment. Some long- term care communities operate on a limited budget, especially those accepting residents on Medicaid. Also, with the COVID-19 move-in restrictions, facilities have experienced higher vacancy rates. Revenue is down during this pandemic.

We discovered that caregivers are using their own personal smart phones and tablets to comply with the “virtual visits” mandate. This doesn’t seem right.

So, the Oregon Senior Referral Agency Association (OSRAA) has purchased several laptops/tablets to gift to communities who need them.

Who is Oregon Senior Referral Agency Association? OSRAA is an association of registered senior referral agents. We provide referrals, education, and resource information to consumers so seniors can successfully transition to a long-term care setting. These include retirement communities, assisted living, memory care, and adult care homes. We refer facilities that best fit an individual’s care needs, cultural preferences, and budget constraints.

Nominate a community today or inquire about how to receive a device. Contact us in the general inquiry page at www.OSRAA.com while supply lasts.

Order issued by Oregon Department of Human Services, March 16th 2020

*In consultation with the Oregon Health Authority, based on its public health recommendations and under the authority of Executive Order 20- 03 issued by the Governor on March 8, 2020, the Oregon Department of Human Services is adopting policies to:

  • Restrict and limit entry to nursing facilities, adult foster homes licensed under OAR 411-050, residential care facilities and assisted living facilities, including those with memory care endorsements;

Visitation and socialization promotes emotional wellness for residents. As such, facilities must provide guidance and technological solutions for “virtual visits” using tools such as FaceTime and Skype to both residents and potential visitors who are being denied entry.

View Press Release Here.

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