Can You Spare a Buck


The heart of our Willson House needs to be replaced, which is our emergency all system for residents to summon help.  The economic down-turn affected us greatly and we do not have the means to finance a new system.  The cost is $75,000, which is a huge expense for Willson House Residential Care Facility, a 103 year old, non-profit business, servings seniors with low to moderate income.  We believe that with God’s grace and your help we can raise the money needed, $1 at time in only 7 weeks.  Can you spare a buck?

On December 31st 2013, our present emergency call system became obsolete because 3M stopped its technical support for the system, and will no longer make replacement parts for it.  We are still using the system, but if it goes off line or needs a replacement park, it will have to be disconnected.  We would then have to employ several more staff to make sure that residents’ emergency needs continue to be met.  This would put considerable financial strain on Willson House.

If you can spare a $1, please help by giving towards our goal.  Your dollar will make a difference to our seniors.  Thank you much!

You can donate by going online to, by mail or in person at 1625 Center Street NE Salem, OR 97301.  For more details call Cathy Parkinson at 503-585-6511.

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