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Are you a boomer who can’t afford to retire?  Are you a senior knocking around in a big ‘ole house all by yourself? Why not get together, try shared housing and thrive?

Are you a boomer who can’t afford to retire? Are you a senior knocking around in a big ‘ole house all by yourself? Why not get together, try shared housing and thrive? 

Home sharing is making a comeback in the United States. The primary reason of course is the cost of housing nowadays. Folks can’t afford to live by themselves anymore. As millions of boomers march toward retirement without enough income, Americans are facing a crisis. According to AARP, 1 in every 4 baby boomers has nothing saved for retirement.

There is no way to build enough affordable housing to meet the demand.  Government programs such as Section 8 and HUD are maxed out and waiting lists are closed.  Rents keep rising and now people of all ages are struggling. It’s time to think outside the box!

Why not use existing housing stock and create programs that address prospective housemates concerns by providing education and resources to ensure a successful home share experience?

Suggested areas of education might be:

-Am I a good candidate for shared housing and what are my boundaries?

– How do I vet a prospective housemate?

– What happens when we have a disagreement?

– Tenant/Landlord and Fair Housing law

– What do I do with all my stuff?

– How might I structurally modify my home to make it more “share” friendly?

What are some other benefits we can identify?

– You don’t have to work ‘til you drop

– You don’t have to live with your kids

– You can afford to live in a much nicer place than what you could afford on your own

– You have a ready-made social circle

– You get to choose who you want to live with

– You can group yourselves any way you like; similar interests, varied skill sets, by gender, by culture, pet-friendly, etc. 

– You can travel and have someone water your plants or feed your cat while you’re away

– Someone is there to leave the porch light on and ask about your day

Shared housing is becoming an affordable option for aging in place.   Once you’ve identified your “tribe” and have a smooth functioning household, you’ll just naturally watch out for one another and know if one of your housemates has an emergency.

As time goes by and your group starts needing help with housekeeping, cooking, grocery shopping or laundry for example, everyone can pitch in for a fraction of what it would cost to hire a person by yourself. 

There are several shared housing programs available in the Portland area.  Each one is a little different but they are all designed to match homeowners and housemates for shared housing.

Article Provided by: Michele Fiasca
Let’s Share Housing
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There is a movement on the rise where like-minded homeowners and home seekers are matching themselves to create community through shared housing.

What’s new and affordable in the realm of housing for folks 50 and up? There is a movement on the rise where like-minded homeowners and home seekers are matching themselves to create community through shared housing. The homeowner might be an empty nester, someone who is underemployed or on a fixed income looking to increase their earnings by renting rooms in their home. The home seeker could be looking at how they might be able to retire and live affordably.

Financial concerns are generally what inspire people to explore shared housing in the first place, but what are some of the other benefits? The social factor is a huge one. How about grabbing a housemate for a hike, going to a movie or working in the garden? Studies show that our health and sense of well being, especially as we age, are impacted profoundly by isolation. Staying engaged is critical.

Safety is another benefit of shared housing. Just knowing there is someone there to leave the porch light on and greet you can offer that sense of security. As time goes by should some health challenge or injury occur, there is always someone at hand to respond to an emergency.
Okay, so maybe this shared housing thing does have possibility. Once you decide to give it a try, how do you go about finding reliable, responsible, trustworthy housemates? That is the million dollar question. Lots of folks go to CraigsList but since they don’t do any screening, how do you know who you are inviting into your life? And how do you get yourself sorted out to make space for someone if you are the homeowner or downsize your stuff if you are the home seeker? Where do you learn to manage those inevitable differences of opinions skillfully? People have all sorts of questions and concerns, and rightfully so. What if there was an organization that helped you through the maze?

Ever since I can remember, Americans have been all about having their own home, own car, own lawn mower, etc. The idea of sharing with someone who is not family is often out of our comfort zone. With the rapid decline of our middle class and the recent downturn of the economy, we have no choice but to look toward new affordable models for housing solutions. Welcome to the age of the shared economy! will support you through the process of home sharing from consideration, to preparation and execution. We offer education, face to face meet-ups and assistance with navigating the website. We believe that sharing housing is a brilliant solution to a growing need to connect and thrive affordably. Come join us in our vision of cultivating community, home by home.

Article provided by:
Michele J. Fiasca
Adult Placement Network

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