Getting Mission Centered

How Do We Get Mission Centered?

In today’s healthcare market we are all faced with motivating our staff and encouraging them to give 100 percent. It is critical to our mission, our reputation, and our overall success to have a team striving to reach their goals. So how do we encourage our staff to always strive for giving so much in an environment that can be so stressful?

It starts at orientation. This is where the message is delivered, the expectations lined out and the support identified to help your staff deliver high quality care. Unfortunately, this can be the first and last time they hear about the organizations Mission statement. This is a major blunder for most organizations; if the Mission statement isn’t followed everyday, it is lost and forgotten or even worse joked about by employees.

Creating a new hire orientation class that empowers your employees and makes them feel like they are truly part of the organization is the best way to start them on the right foot. Second, the message has to stay alive and positive; this is not easy and involves a commitment from your leadership team to make it happen. This can be accomplished by consistently using the Mission statement as a gauge in your discussions with staff, family and peers. During celebrations refer to how “mission centered” their thoughts and actions were. You can also use this consistent message when counseling an employee. The bottom line is everything revolves around the Mission statement.

Families have many choices for healthcare delivery in today’s market and they are much more thorough in their searches than in years past. Having a Mission statement they see and hear everyday consistently reminds them that you are on track with what you promised them and their family members.

How to integrate your mission statement:

  • Create new hire class with emphasis on your mission and why it is your mission.
  • How many of your current employees know your mission statement? If it is a low number then I recommend a campaign to roll out your mission statement.
  • Is your mission statement in your building posted for all to see, is it used in your printed materials for both internal and external customers?
  • Does your leadership refer to the mission when talking with staff and family?
  • Is your mission statement your guide or just words?

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