More Than Bingo

There Is More To Life Than Bingo At A Senior Living Community

Bingo is a lot of fun and don’t ever knock it. But today’s seniors are demanding more variety. The days are gone of living in fear of limited choices. Senior living has changed and the possibilities are quite endless! Many communities now focus their activities calendars on creating an “Optimum Life”.

There are six dimensions to Optimum Life that everyone can start to incorporate into their lives today, they follow with some examples:

  1. Purposeful: Living History-recording family memories, mentoring children, editing newsletter or calendar, making cards for hospitals, flower arranging for table centerpieces, taking photos for the community.
  2. Spiritual: memory or meditation gardens, cards to parishioners in need, pastoral visits, holiday celebrations, or bible study.
  3. Emotional: Aromatherapy, music, occupation based activities, pet visits, video postcards from families and friends.
  4. Social: Celebrations, music and entertainment, outings to local senior centers, Red Hat Society meetings, bridge clubs, visits from youth groups, or taste testing events.
  5. Intellectual: Brain teasers, art lessons, educational videos, trivia, resident committees, or puzzles.
  6. Physical: Circuit training, fishing, gardening, swimming, stretching exercises or simply walking.

When evaluating an activities calendar, try to find communities that address these varied dimensions. Look for events and programs that address your needs and interests. Prior to visiting a senior living community, you may want to make a list of your favorite hobbies and also create a list of possible new interests, and make a list of all of your questions. One important thing to remember: often a community’s activities calendar is a reflection of the interests and talents of the residents who live there; so -as residents move in, age in place, or move out, an Activity Director is challenged to meet these ever changing needs.

These six dimensions can be incorporated in our lives, regardless of physical or cognitive ability. By choosing “Optimum Life, we are improving our quality of life considerably by increasing mobility, energy, memory, happiness; decreasing anxiety and depression; improving immunity, and overall wellness.My grandmother once told me the secret to life is to keep moving, no matter how you choose to do it, keep learning something new and always try and never give up, always believe in yourself and remember that you are valued and loved! I believe she used these six dimensions all throughout her life. Could it really be that simple? Who knew?

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