What are Adult Day Services?

What are Adult Day Services?

Adult Day Service centers provide social activities and health care services for adults with physical disabilities or cognitive impairments. People who attend an Adult Day Service center usually live at home or in the home of a family caregiver. Centers usually open early and stay open late during the week to help working caregivers, and some have weekend hours. Adult Day Services can improve the quality of life of those who attend and help each person function at their best. Adult Day Services cost less than in-home care and the intensity of therapeutic activities and social contact is also greater. Plus, caregivers using adult day services feel less depressed and more confident in their role as caregiver.

Is Adult Day Services For You?

If you answer “yes” to any of the following questions, adult day services will benefit both you and your loved one.

• Do you worry about your loved one’s safety at home alone?

• Do you worry that your loved one is unhappy or bored sitting at home all day?

• Do you worry about the health of your loved one?

• Do you want help to be able to keep your loved one at home as long as possible?

• Does your loved one seem depressed and have no one to talk to?

Who Should Use Adult Day Services?

• Adults who require supervision or assistance to live at home and to do day-to-day activities.

• Adults who can’t attend a senior center due to their need for assistance and supervision.

• Adults who are considering moving to a nursing home.

What Can Adult Day Services Offer?

Adult Day Service centers offer a wide range of services such as nursing care, meals, personal care, recreational activities and rehabilitation services.

Therapeutic Activities:

• Physical and mental exercises to improve functioning

• Creative expression via music, art and dance

• Community programs for cultural enrichment

• Activities with youth

• Socialization

• Support with activities of daily living

• Physical, occupational and speech therapy

Nursing Services:

• Monitor vital signs and observe health changes

• Administer and monitor medications

• Injections

• Wound care

• Tube feedings

• Respiratory treatments

• Continence re-training

• Assist with personal care (e.g. dressing)

Family Support:

• Integrate goals of family, participant, health and social services into a care plan

• Caregiver support groups

• Education on managing behavior and home care

• Counsel and refer to caregiver support services

• Convenience services – bathing, hair and nail

National Family Caregiver Support Program Resources care, hair dresser, extended hours, podiatrist

Finding An Adult Day Services Center That’s Right For You

Places to call to locate centers:

• Area Agency on Aging (AAA) 1-800-677-1116 for the AAA in your area

• National Adult Day Services Association, Inc. Phone: (800) 558-5301 or (703) 435-8630 E-mail: info@nadsa.org

• Health care providers: physicians, hospital or nursing home social worker, home health nurse

• Telephone book yellow pages or blue pages, see “Adult Day Care” or “Aging Services”

Steps in Selecting a Center:

• Call for information. Request written material be sent to you so that you can review it when you have quiet time.

• Ask questions. Adult Day Services staff should welcome inquiries, and want to help people fully understand their services.

• Visit the center. Make an appointment and visit more than one center to compare and find the best “fit”. The checklist to the right will help you decide which Adult Day Services center is right for you.

• Try it out. Give your family member the opportunity to try Adult Day Services. It can take you and your family member a little time to feel comfortable. Once that happens you can both feel good about your decision.

Site Visit Checklist:

* Did you feel welcomed?
* Did someone spend time finding out what you want and need?
* Did someone clearly explain what services and activities the Center provides?
* Did they present information about staffing, program, procedures, costs and what they expect of family caregivers?
* Was the facility clean, pleasant and free of odor?
* Were the building and rooms wheelchair accessible?
* Was there sturdy, comfortable furniture?
* Loungers for relaxation? Chairs with arms?
* Was there a quiet place for conferences?

Checklist Source: Courtesy of: National Adult Day Services Association, Inc.,Herndon, VA. Toll Free Phone: (800) 558-5301. www.nadsa.org

Source: Adapted from materials submitted by Mid-County Senior Services, Newton Square, PA., Administration on Aging, Washington, DC. www.aoa.gov

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For more information: www.aoa.gov
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