When Is The Right Time To Move?

When Is The Right Time To Move?

Most families struggle with this question. Sometimes the answer can be obvious, but it is not always that simple. Everyone wants to maintain an independent lifestyle, but if assistance is needed, it might be time to talk about alternatives.

Watch for these signs:

  • Accidental falls due to loss of balance
  • Memory lapses are a sign of health issues, an empty refrigerator means your parents are forgetting daily nutrition, and unopened mail indicates memory loss
  • Hygiene issues like going days without bathing, piles of laundry, or wearing the same clothes for days
  • Loss of interest in daily activities and a decline in socialization with friends and family

What type of community is most appropriate?  When it’s time to find senior housing for your loved one it’s easy to get confused.

Some options are:

  • Independent Living provides basic services such as meals, housekeeping, activities, transportation, and social activities.
  • Assisted Living is a state-licensed community that gives the basic services independent living provides, but also offers assistance with bathing, medication management, dressing, personal care, and typically have a full time registered nurse, certified med-aides, and caregivers 24 hours a day.
  • Memory Care is a state-licensed residential care community that provides personal assistance for those with Alzheimer’s and dementia while maintaining a high level of independence and promoting privacy, dignity, and choice. The memory care program provides a daily structure that allows the residents to maintain their abilities and encourage the use of their remaining skills.

When determining which option is appropriate, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do they need help basic activities of daily living such as eating, bathing, dressing, or walking?  If so, then it makes sense to move them to an assisted living community.
  • Are they falling?  Falls can result in costly trips to the hospital and potentially put their life at risk if they’re unable to get help.  Independent living community on-site manager(s) monitors falls and are trained to assist a resident in getting up.  Independent living community’s on-site manager(s) have to call 911 if the resident cannot get up on their own.
  • Are they experiencing memory loss?  This could be an early sign of health issues such as Alzheimer’s or dementia.  A memory care community has 24-hour staff who are always available for assistance and provide a safe environment for your loved one.

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